Kit Drops

I'm player level 48, lvl17 survivors.

Now i know it's random drops, but one thing i noticed is how hard it is to get kit at your current level.

From what I've seen, the only guaranteed way is 7.5TG crates?

All the rest is 1 below or above... So i have lvl18 or 16 kit to upgrade (Not upgrading 16 as I'm building to lvl up soon).

Also, random question - how do i get kit from challenge crates\deluxe? Or do we have to be maxed before we get that? 95% of mine are XP\Supplies


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    7.5k crates aren't a guaranteed way to get gear of your level. It depends on your player level, not your survivor levels.

    Be glad about gear that is one level above your survivors. It might not seem great now but it is always better to have gear to grow into. You will miss that later on. (Well, you know the feeling of low-level gear already but for me it got worse...)

    Challenge crates are random. Sometimes I get XP or tomatoes, sometimes I get gear.
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    If you look at @OneLessTitan 's Web page (link below) it'll show you what you'll find where and expected levels of gear. You're in the same position as me. You need to get your player level up to 49 to guarantee l17 gear from 7.5k tg crates
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    Sorry, i made a mistake earlier, i meant the 12.5k crate...

    Yes, i see the player level counts towards the 7.5k and challenge crates.

    Still jealous that some people get something other than supplies/XP from the challenge crates, it's about 95% supplies/XP for me, but i get it's a long game
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