Why update 3.0 will never happen.

Okay to start with, despite the doom and gloom title, this is not meant to be a negative post. The point is to imagine what it would take to get a "3.0" update--something that significantly adds to or changes the mechanics of the core gameplay. From a brief look at history, I know the NG update numbering convention doesn't necessarily follow this logic because Outposts were added around a 1.6 to 1.7 update which would have seem significant to me, and the rollout of 2.0 "simply" introduced the heroes (okay, I'll admit that plenty of UI changes and structure changes must have accompanied this as well). On the other hand the recent 2.5 update introduced such minor balancing and polishing aspects that it should have been 2.4.1, especially since many of the follow-on fixes and tweaks were introduced server side (increasing the level cap would warrant a 2.5 moniker in itself, but who cares about that :wink:).

So with that introduction, I've seen plenty of people complaining that 2.5 added nothing new, there is no end-game, NG sucks, etc. However, I've seen very little in all these posts that actually propose any viable ideas. So I'll recap a few that I've seen with my views of them, but ultimately I want to see if anyone out there has any truly good ideas to pitch.

-Story Missions: Great! Certainly new content worthy of 2.X, but it really doesn't add much to the game. The problem is that I'm sure it takes a lot of man hours to develop, design, test, and release this content for relatively little payout--maxed players would likely blow through the content in less than a week. Don't get me wrong, I want to see more story, but to bring back to the main point, this doesn't add any end-game mechanics.

-Wall defense mission: Another cool feature that shouldn't be too hard to implement aside from UI changes and some level creation. The most recent posts I've found describing this are: here, here, and here. However, this again equates to little more than the scavenge missions in terms of scope.

-Co-op play Admittedly, this has been one of the most interesting suggestions that I've seen and would fully warrant a "3.0 update." However, as I alluded to in that post and getting back to my title on this post, I don't think it's possible given the mechanics and structure of this game. Well for this one, it might be possible if they can overcome all kinds of technical issues, but this brings me to my final point.

There is not a lot of room for anything "fresh" to be added based on the game structure. The Outpost update was genius. This created a level editor and gave it to us so we could essentially add tons of new variations to play on with "little" (obviously, a lot of work went into creating this) effort from the developers. It used the existing gameplay mechanics and put it in the hands of the players to generate "new" levels. However, there are only so many spins you can put on this type of gameplay. It's not like a simple update can ever introduce FPS-style gameplay to kill zombies--not that we'd want that anyhow.

So therein lies the challenge. Does anyone have any viable thoughts out there that would add any end-game mechanics aside from what we already have (pink stars, occasionally increasing level caps)?


  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    No caps on weapons? Was hinted last summer it was looked at.
    I'm lost.

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  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    @TheLostOnes To me that doesn't really add anything to the game though. Yes nice feature, but certainly doesn't add anything on the scale that Outposts or Challenges (if they weren't part of the original version of the game) did.
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    Many of us gave up on offering viable options because it's a waste of time. I wouldn't expect them to welcome and embrace every idea they see or hear me act on it but they seem to do the opposite whether it's a suggestion or even a consensus of opinions.
  • TJCartTJCart Member Posts: 412
    Had a comment posted, but went in to make a small edit and it disappeared :disappointed: Why does it need to get approved? Let's see if it works now:

    @blynknz Awesome thread. I missed that one. Once again, it would seem to have some technical challenges, but would certainly fall within the game mechanics.

    @Shut_Up I can certainly understand your jaded point of view and I'm sure having played for less than a year contributes to some of my naivety, but I still want to bring up the discussion in hopes that it can pitch some ideas to the developers that they might be interested in.

    In general, I'm sure there is plenty of experience with the developers in these types of games and they have a good knowledge of what else is out there, but the old adage of "you don't know what you don't know" holds true for everyone. For myself, it's been a long time since I've played any turn-based strategy type games. I know I've played some PC-based war-themed ones from way back in the day, but don't remember much of them. That's why I wanted to rehash the appeal to the community to see if they had any ideas. You never know when someone has played some similar type, but obscure game that had a certain feature that would work perfectly with this one. And even if a great idea has been brought up before like blynknz's, maybe NG wasn't in a place to act on it at the time. In that sense, I don't see a problem to spout these ideas again periodically(time frame of several months to a year, not weekly) to see if they may stick now.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Your ideas and suggestions are all very welcome! We do have a vision on where we want this game to be in say, 6 months, a year, and so on, but that can by all means be affected and enhanced by the community.
  • BrantskiBrantski Member Posts: 3
    @Teeceezy- New to the forum so excuse my over asked question but is there any talk of Guild expansion anytime soon? 20 members really limits a lot and if this game seeks longevity it definately needs upgrades to Guild growth. The turnover in this game is very high. I'm kicking in-actives and bringing in new blood on a daily basis it seems. Thanks
  • splaggsplagg Member Posts: 93
    I think that any viable suggestion is going to need to meet a certain criteria that a lot of us don't like very much... "How is this feature going to bring in more money for NG?" Because it seems like that's really what it's all about. If it has any chance of being added to the game it doesn't just have to be fun for the player, it also needs to somehow, some way, generate profits.
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