To my friends on the forum I'd like to share a thought...

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In July of 2013 my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our second child. On November 11, 2013 we went to a scheduled sonogram and discovered our child had no heartbeat. My wife and I went to the hospital that evening and she gave birth to our still born son Evan Robert. His due date was March 28, 2014.

We have since been blessed with our daughter Fiona Kathryn in December 2014 but even to this day we still mourn the loss of our son. Our second child existed. He is in our memories and we often wonder what he would look life and how different our live would be with him in it.

We celebrate a child that existed so please don't joke about one that doesn't tomorrow on April 1st. There are many with stories similar to ours. Many friends we've made in bereavement groups whom have experienced child loss.

As well as parents whom have miscarried and those having problems conceiving we ask you politely on "April Fools" day to not joke about fake pregnancies. It's not funny. There's probably a million things you can joke about but pretending to have created life shouldn't be one of them.

Thanks for reading and please use your best judgement tomorrow.

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    @DLich People joke about this on April Fool's day?

    @TheLostOnes Hi : )
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