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I only play this game for a couple of days now - and like it very much. What I'm missing though is a global chat or at least the opportunity to mail other players outside my own guild. And I think it would be an interesting idea to add medical supplies. Which then could be used to reduce the healing time, which btw could be tripled then, so that the use of the meds would really matter.

But that isn't the main reason for this thread. I just wanted to know how other players found their way totthis game? In my case it was our 14 years old boy who point my interest to this app. I saw my very first episode yesterday. It was an old one from season four I guess. I will get the DVD'S asap. Which leads me to another question. Are most players also watching the episodes regulary? And I also wanna use this topic to thank all players from the forum and my guild that helped me to get a good start to the game so far :smiley:
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    Welcome! and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Always happy to talk to new people
    I watch the show regularly and the commercial made me look for the game
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    Welcome! As above, ask away.... I've got loads of good advise from here.

    I started from watching the show. Also read the comics as well
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    @Human3001 I saw twdnml on amc website and decided to give a try. And I also watch twd B)
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    Another thing I like about this game is the community. No sleepwalking here but always activity. Although you might expect sleepwalkers in a zombie themed game :wink:

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    @Human3001 Do watch the TV-show from beginning to end and binge watch if possible, you will love it and I'm sure of it ;)
    Also play the game side-by-side as you watch the show and you'll get the thrill of killing walkers too!! And yes, I do not watch the TV-show regularly. Why? Because binge-watching it as a whole is a lot more fun than watching it in small parts, episode by episode.
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    I watch the show but an entire season at a time. Once the season is over I will watch the entire thing. I hate watching one episode then waiting for the next. I found the game by just perusing the app store. I downloaded both this one and the other one. Ultimately I enjoy this one more so I deleted the other. The combat is reminiscent of older strategy games such as ogre tactics/ final fantasy tactics which I loved. Road to survival felt like glorified rock, paper, scissors.
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    I watch the show till season 5 so i knew some old characters in this game. But, in my case i kinda bored with MMORPG game, so i wanna replay walking dead frm Telltale, browsing google play and i see walking the NML and RTS. I tried to play RTS at first but uninstall after 10mnts play or so, tried NML and here i am, still stuck on this one.. :#
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    Great show... great game... great people all around. Welcome!

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    I had enough of the game(s) I was playing at the time, and went looking for a TWD game in the store. It just so happened that this one appealed to me most.
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    Now... Could that be what Daryl taught us?

    I can't actually remember how I found the game... Pretty sure Daryl wasn't involved, though. ;)

    I do watch the show and am "up to date", haven't read the comics (yet)...
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    I watch the show too, but i use to watch a season only when has ended.... So i will see soon season 7 :)
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