Weapons/armor questions?!?

Alright. I'm a relatively heavy player. Currently at level 32 and I'd say I climb as fast as I can build. As many suggest, I focus on upgrading my council and TG as much as possible in order to get my epic and legendary survivors at the highest level possible. I'm slow on playing the episodes (currently slowly working on episode 7 now) mostly because I take pride in the fact my memorial is empty. I save radios for weekend events where the probability is better for high level survivors and I've been able to roll with that so far with no deaths and little injury. I play more challenge missions for my guild and exploration/deadly just to gain tomatoes and xp for survivor upgrades and building. Another reason I like being on lower episodes is because it's cheap (gas) and I can easily down 70-80 walkers in a single run.

Here is my question.... I've had no problem finding epic and legendary survivors, and obviously working on getting them to max levels. But I am having a hard time finding weapons and armor that sustain these levels. Is this because I'm far back, so to speak, on the episodes for my survivor levels or something else? Maybe I should share some focus with upgrading my workshop which isn't that low in itself because the few good items I've come across I've obviously tried tried to upgrade as much as possible? Especially this weekend with the upgrade event. Any tips would be very helpful for my guild and I.

On a side note.... I think it would be a great idea for the developers to consider allowing guild members (only within a guild and maybe only between promoted members so newbies don't take advantage) a way to trade, maybe even sell your equipment and possibly even survivors within a limited reason. As a software product manager myself....This is something that I would put in the lifecycle as it could increase guild/challenge play and make gameplay lot more interactive without having to code for PvP.

Lastly, and I hate to do this because guild requests storm this site, but my current guild is pretty active. We currently have only 10 after a little house cleaning and we average probably 100+ per player. If you're looking for an active guild and can make a difference.... This is a newer guild but is doing its part to climb the charts. The Last Stand.


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    Simple answer: you will only find gear and weapons according to the required level of survivors on your exploration missions.

    Same for the rewards and crates during the weekly challenge: you have to do higher level missions to get higher level gear and weapons.

    Afaic you should try to proceed with the story missions. You'll get better equipment and more XP/tomatoes...
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    I figured. Thanks for the quick response.
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    There will never be trade between players. Someone will end up making 15 alt accts and giving all his good items to his main acct, and with pvp coming, there's no way to regulate it. I've heard that type of request in a million online games, and it never happens for that simple reason
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    @bodhi is right. There are games where trade is possible, but in most cases that creates trouble. In Cthulhu Nation MMORPG (now dead) trade was possible and giting items too. Most powerful items were limited to paying customers so newbs couldn't acquire or use them. Also there was level limitations just like here so low level players didn't get advantage gaining good stuff too early. But there was one design flaw in item transfer and generation. Item appearance on the ground was based mainly on time passing and secondly players activity on map. But those items on ground were raw materials for potions and potions were higher lever players only. So those items cumulated on ground. Items could be picked and traded by bulk, but dropped only one at a time. So newbs who saw lots of items on ground picked them up and then were encumbered and couldn't move. Because items per hex weren't limited there could be 10000 items and you could imagine how many newb got frustrated trying to get rid of extra weight. This design flaw was also used to harrash low level players to give them junk or even valuble stuff and then encumber them for good. So basically this was one way to wage guild war encumbering another players and giving good items to your lower level accounts and doing grinding with those low level acc.

    In this I see also that multiple acc grinding to be used. Guild full of own accounts and trading gear between them. People would get too good gear too early and too easy.

    They should raise scrap value or lower upgrade costs. Now common and uncommon gear are just scrap and basically same as XP. Most rare gear are same. I use them, because I don't have epic or Leg stuff, but after level 10 I haven't upgraded any. Also lots of epic stuff are junk too and not worth to upgrade unless it has good traits. Difference between survivor level and workshop level makes it better to use rare stuff suitable for your survivor better than using few levels lower epic/leg stuff upgraded. For example lvl 12 epic armor for shooter gives 145 defence and lvl 14 rare gives 198. I'm between building upgrades, so I cannot upgrade lvl 13 gear, but can upgrade lvl 13 survivors, so its better to upgrade my survivor and get that lvl 14 rare armor than upgrade lvl 12 epic stuff. So all the time I ponder which item I should upgrade or should I upgrade my survivors. If trade/donation would be allowed it would be easier to upgrade, because items would get much longer time usage and it would pay back for better challenge rewards. Also it would be better to pay 100000xp for someone elses scrap gear than waiting to get one and upgrade it to same level with 300000xp.
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    I read somewhere the outpost trading will eventually allow you to purchase specific weapons and armor according to your level. So there is hope on the horizon for you :)
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    Capleton said:

    Simple answer: you will only find gear and weapons according to the required level of survivors on your exploration missions.

    Same for the rewards and crates during the weekly challenge: you have to do higher level missions to get higher level gear and weapons.

    For this reason, save the vids. for missions that are equal to you Max survivor lvl or higher. No since in watching a vid. that on a mission that is much lower than your best, since you will oat likely just scrap the gear.

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    i mainly get my good weapons/gears from guild star milestone rewards and personal star milestone rewards. and also from daily quest rewards..

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    Higher level mission give better weapon rewards, with level 12 survivors you should be doing missions with recommended 12-13 to get relevant weapons. Complete story line missions as high as you can and you'll be rewarded. Weekly challenges are good for this and getting supplies and XP
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