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Hi All,

I have a question which may have been asked before, but cannot find anywhere.

Can someone please break down the challenge starting levels for lower level players? I saw the post a few hours ago about the end game and it got me thinking, as me and a friend were talking about this the other day - what are OUR starting challenge levels as we are no where near end game?...

My highest survivor is level 10 of which I have 6 of.

Friends highest is 8 of which he has about 5 of

Help would be appreciated thanks guys!
Level 25 - I'm still a noob...
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  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 276
    Or can anyone provide the right direction to look for info?
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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    I don't know anyone who has compiled that data.
    On the plus side, when the challenge starts tomorrow you can look at the top left of the screen on the challenge menu and see your starting RSL and report back here for others.

    At higher level it is basically 6 levels below your survivors, but that may not translate for lower level players.
  • TheZorkkiTheZorkki Member Posts: 21
    I'll look tonight and report back with my BP Level, survivor levels and my challenge RSL so we may have some info on it for future newbies like me :)
    Level 25 - I'm still a noob...
    "It's Rufus Time"
  • SugaShaneSugaShane Member Posts: 92
    I have almost everyone to level 10. I started at level 7
  • MediManMediMan Member Posts: 27
    Almost all level 12 here, I started at rsl 8.
  • SugaShaneSugaShane Member Posts: 92
    One round level 7. One round 8.
  • TheZorkkiTheZorkki Member Posts: 21
    @SugaShane Same buddy all level 10's started at 7 :)
    Level 25 - I'm still a noob...
    "It's Rufus Time"
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