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Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 32
Hi guys.
Yesterday my second account got trapped in Big Boss Walker challenge. Eventually I gave up and had to concede and flee the map.
They updated the map and sent a news letter which was great :-)
Ever since then, all my survivors and all the walkers are going at 50mph..
It's like I am playing the game in fast forward mode.
I've sent a ticket to support, but not heard back from them yet..
Anyone else have this problem since the newsletter???
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  • TWDSkutterTWDSkutter Member Posts: 160
    Is it the speed boost in the bottom right (can't remember actual name) u have clicked.

    This basically doubles movement animation speed
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  • Singer01Singer01 Member Posts: 32
    So that is what it's for lol... I will check next time I log in.. Thanks matey
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