PvP is annoying

Just went on a raid with Abraham, a warrior, and Negan, all at lvl 20. Killed my opponents first 2 members on the first turn after opening the gate so they only had a brusier left. Then - Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! Stun Avoided! Stun Avoided! Dodge! Their one character killed all 3 of mine. I'm so sick of the rng and overpowered bruisers. Not to mention Morgan's Staff, which wasn't even involved in this matchup. I lost 29 points on a raid that could have only gotten me 10.


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    yeah, the whole point is to try to maintain platinum, so I need the influence points.
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    JayZ - I'm sure there is something I could have done differently, but this scenario was absurd nonetheless. Interrupt isn't helpful unless they have to move, After the first hit, he was already beside my character, so it was pretty pointless.
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    GrimGael said:

    Tell us more about your day, please.

    I went to the eye doctor and was told my eyes were developing a mild astigmatism :'(
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    Movado - He had 2 guys behind sand bags at the front, so I used Abraham's charge to stun both, then the warrior's charge to double attack - not much rng there...
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    This is an internet forum, so I'm not sure why I expected anything constructive. The fanboys and trolls are always just going to blindly defend their favorite thing, as a result, the developer won't get anthing from me.
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    To be honest I understand your frustration @Spectre about the Outpost calamities
    Don't forget that development and improvement​ are Fluid Dynamics
    Had Jesus bonus attack 5 walkers and it didn't take all dodged /was stupid and no pics/ also the defenders dodging but it's appropriate when being green against leg and I won due to stun resist armour
    But also mix things up a bit and change strategy till you find what does it for you

    PS it doesn't feel like all of the warrior class troubles have been fixed

    Extremely easy Outpost walkthrough @GrimGael
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    so, ultimately it's not just about this one incident. I feel like the game's core engine just isn't that well suited for PvP. The match making is also kinda bad. I just lost another round to a team that was all 1 lvl higher than me. Considering how much 1 lvl matters in this game, that doesn't seem like a fair match up at all and again, lost more points that I would have won - so how is that calculated? Also, yes, you can just draw every bad match up, but, what is the point of even having PvP at that point?
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    "Abandon hope, ye all who enter here"

    Outposts can be hell sometimes...
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    this could also be annoying

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    I generally have long streaks of wins, followed by a set of loses. Doesn't change my thoughts that PvP has been awful since outposts debuted, the game mechanics just aren't good for it. It ends up being paper, rock, scissors with rng evasion abilities. I wish developers would learn that not EVERY game needs to have PvP.
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    PvP is not annoying! It is a little imbalanced is all!! But that imbalance is manageable really, if you know your strategy well. Oh and also the O/P walker problem must be solved ASAP i.e. minimum of 8-9 walkers from the pit.
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    Try to keep your influence low, until you get better at the game. At this pont, you absolutely don't want to be matched with any upper tier players. You want people to be constructive, but give them little or nothing to work with. That’s the best advice I can give you.
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