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1.Add upgradeable walls and watch towers for better and larger rewards from the walker kill on the gate..

2.Add missions to clear the buildings around the camp to use it for something (my idea, in every building we would find a piece of weapon, and when we clear all buildings we could get a weapon of any class but we would pick which 3 traits we want..

3.Survivors health bar that changes colors when he is perfect,bruised, injured..

4.Make Rick awesome he is just useles in our camps beacuse of his poor leader trait (my idea for trait (" Sixth sense " - we could see all of the map without those shadowed areas + extra damage or sonething when he would be picked as a leader, I think that would be an awesome trait)..

5.Add more story missions..

6.Add tripple,quad,penta kills so when you do one of them you get extra XP..

And that would be it, I hope the developers see this and try to make it happen, atleast my idea for Ricks leader trait as he is my favourite show character and I think that trait is awesome..



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    Great idea don't like the 6th sense for rick (but for someone else sure) rick should have the most useful trait luke extra power for whole team or xx chance of killing any enemy with one shot (or at least any type of walker since freemen have 2 health bars)
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    Rick's trait is designed to work with a combination of melee and ranged classes. This way, your team is more surely able to take out the walker your scout or warrior attacked but did not kill. And combined with the near-guaranteed crit that happens when you stun enemies, it adds up to a lot of damage.

    The other ideas are interesting. We have been focusing on the Season missions instead of adding late chapters of story content, since more people can play them. But we do want to find the time to finish the story we started in Chapter 1.

    The health bar thing is an idea we have been trying to squeeze in for a while now, but the last few updates have all had some very large features in them, and that makes it hard to get in everything on our wishlist.

    Thanks for the ideas!
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    I dont want TWD to end. I have been having dreams. Lol about how great it would be to see huge changes and long term story lines. And just when you thought it was over a new breed of zombies emerge. And families and friends are facing a new epic event. I also agree with this topic about seeing a change in the base of operation. Stronger walls better housing. Better loot when looting the dead. And new discoveries. Armory found and a better chance to gain radios cell phone. And towers. Adding on new zombie attacts. And clearing out zombies from every part that to place in the series. Add ons to better your infrastructure. And weapons. And being able to see the add ons on your weapons and etc. Scopes silencers. And extended clips. Dreams of being able to walk into a building of your choice to find better loot. In my dream there was so much more to do. And the possiblities were endless. Making TWD the number one game to play on you device. I think the camp is a great place to start however. With all the work the survivors made to stay alive and become a community in a world of chaos and epic events. They managed to overcome obstacles that later became stronger as a family a community where survivors can make a home. Even in dier times. Never giving up hope. That one day humanity will be the one rebuilding what was once lost. And bring back the one thing we all love most. A life to live by. Even if there wasn't a government to save us. Zombies and creatures will always be around and the land will always find a way to produce goods. But now there's a new survival we must stand by. And with everything around you is against you. You fight your way through it all. And the sickness will never go away. And the inevitability of dieing and knowing the changes exist will always bring zombies. A camp will need a new way. And i agree with this topic 100%. Old abandoned buildings built for retaliation. And vehicles with weapons and shielded by an indestructible force to be reckoned with. Like spikes and metal windows. I believe TWD can have an endless amount of ideas and creativity. And i believe that abilities can be more secured in how many times a survivors is used. I want to see snow and rain and harsh weathers making your visibility almost impossible to see what is in front of you. I think better jackets would help. And also think the more you use any survivors their health becomes stronger with the ability and knowledge of knowing survival instincts. Less vulnerable to bites and attacts but more at risk to new and improved zombies in how they attact. This game has truly taken up allot of my time of which i do not mind. I am a fan for as long as the series continue to go on. And it would be nice to see hero's from the fear of the walking dead. And military basses and choppers flying around and much much more. Keep up the fine work you are all doing and i give this discussion a 5 star rating. More is better and better is more.
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    We could have an auto-paragraph-break in the forums. Any block of text over 12 lines gets a break inserted every fourth line. Something like that. The breaks will come at nonsense spots but for all I know unbroken posts are all nonsense anyway. I'm certainly not going to read them to find out!
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    @Shteevie, I get the point behind Ricks ability but Rositas works almost just like this but gives bigger bonuses, since you don't have to be by the walker you attacked I would say her ability is better. If you added something to Ricks ability, like a %chance for an extra charge point or a other action for killing a walker adjacent to a survivor that would put him more even with Michonne and Abrahams abilities.

    Alternatively just double the damage from where it is currently at. Rosita at epic gives a bigger bonus than Rick at legendary. Please make Rick the hero he is in the show.
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    I love (3) and (4), both would add to the game.

    In relation to Rick's trait, I totally agree with the above. His trait would have to be doubled for me to put my peeps in danger next to a W.
    Rosita and even Abe are stronger and safer for the team atm.

    Maybe something like 'adds 10/12/14/16/18% to damage when close to an enemy, double that when enemy is severly damaged and health bar below 30%'
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    Yes (4) for outpost would be great >:)
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