Disappointing Trend

As I play now as a level 59.9 player I see body shots on lvl 23 walkers. Hunters are toast. Sorry you spent on upping all of yours. Scouts with over 3,000 hit power body shotting too. Then a level 24 comes out and the same scout one hit kills him. Consistently. Poor aim on head stabbing? You guys at NG did a bad job of the math after only fixing warriors. I feel like a dirty rat has taken my money and then ratted us all out to the other rats capeesh?
Yet this is not another fall on my sword I will quit this game blah blah thread. I will play for my guild and because I like the general gameplay and longevity. But your bundles I used to buy I cant for 21 going forward because you change the goal posts so much. Also at the high level player I am targeted by the new settings for increased difficulty. So logically why increase? My guild will have to accept where I am willing to stop in challenges. Right now thats about 775-800. No more. I dont mind being used abused and taken advantage of on occasion, but wont NG wash their hands at least before they ask me to allow it again? Roll back hunter nerf about 70% and reduce walker buff by 50%. Then the game is recognizeable. I think your numbers guy overreached. Go smoke that, I'm pissed.


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    Another terrible thread title

    From now on I'm just going to start naming my threads Thread 1, Thread 2 ...
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