Sunday Traffic Walker Respawns



  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    FWIW, I just switched to an all Warrior team and I'm finding these challenge missions to be a lot lot easier. The only problems I've had is if there are a lot of walkers clustered around at the beginning and you don't have any double attacks built up yet. Otherwise once I get one or two with the double attack set up I'm pretty much mowing through them now. Kinda wish I had switch to this team earlier, would have been able to get father, times going to run out on me now
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    What level are you handling with your warrior team @meathead013 ? I'm stuck on 27.2 and need that last star to pick up my 27 bonus stars. Thanks
  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
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    Well all my survivors are level 13 and the challenge says it's at level 16 and I'm on second bored

    I'm just saying I was having trouble completing some of these boards with a two Hunter and one shooter Team without taking injuries because the rapid spawns with lots of Walker's drawn to the shooting I was getting overwhelmed

    Now with the three Warriors, two with super-wide Arcs, I'm having no trouble as long as I don't get overwhelmed right at the start with a bunch of walkers bunched up together and my survivors without any double attacks yet
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    I kept getting owned with epic Abe in the leader spot and my best shooter and hunter on 24.1. I then dusted off epic Jesus in the leader spot with another warrior and scout with threat reduction, swift strike and retaliate. Completed the mission to push me over 800.
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    Ironically, it's now Suburbia holding me up at 25.3. My all hunter team (Daryl in lead) just barely misses getting clear.

    Interestingly, I just put a good piercing gun on my second-string assault, and finding two assaults and a shooter getting closer to finishing than my hunter team. So now I'm wondering if Daryl leading the two assaults might make it through.

    I'm nervous about trying melee on Suburbia with the two tanks, esp. with one normally spawning very close to start.
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    @NCDawgFan I was able to beat 27.2 Sunday Traffic with 2 hunters and Abe. The funny thing is that I really didn't use Abe until 27.2. His extra damage and health boost helped push move over the edge. The assault stun also bailed me out a couple of times. Obviously you just have to keep moving as much as possible and it helps to avoid the fatty in the last van. Good luck!
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