800 Phones burnt for Abraham by Bladgier of DTP with commentary.

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    Some guys have all the luck...
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    Nice one @bladgier!
    Eh Family
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    What did you do pile up gas and not play any missions for 2 days?

    Thanks for explaining why you were in your van!
  • DhilarenDhilaren Member Posts: 34

    I do not know what to think of it.
    An incentive is not that since it is not normal to have so many radio and gas.

    I play and do not give a lot of money because of the game, ok now and then a booter.

    Or do you believe that he has collected? Clear from the beginning ;)

    Sorry for my bad english, google translator
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    @Shut_Up thats exactly what I did.

    Ive opened guild gift chests from the easter event. Lot of them. Reason why is because I wanted to play for free one challenge but with upcoming radio even it wont be possible lol.
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    @Dhilaren what was the question again please :smiley:
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    My question, I think I have no question. It seems strange to me that has so many radios and over 600 fuel.
    You are almost level 61 and have probably invested a lot of money. Normally, you have 25 fuel and can always get some hollow. The biceps in front of the gate do not spit except where the horde comes. And you can not earn so much. So I do not know if I should believe what I've seen. I think rather that is colluded and not real.ider how long have you saved for it? And there was so much in the odd gifts.
    Is not meant evil when I say it is not real. :wink:

    Sorry i hope google translates it right, i'm just not so good at writing :blush:
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    @Dhilaren lol its real.

    I been saving phones since mid jan this year so thats 4+ months. I dont spend that much money, mostly gas booster once a week.

    Gas i had less than 300, not 600.

    I got it from many guild golden chests (they were discounted for the easter time) and Im lucky enough to be in nr1 guild in this game so you can imagine that there was a lot of them.

    Also i havent played from challenge to challenge and got gas from theatre chests and tg store resrocks.

    Just because gas tank is capped at 25 that doesnt mean u cant go above it. Its an in game feature requested by players.

    Dont be sorry for your english and google translate, some people are lazy enough to not even do that. You also learn this way and I respect that.
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    If anyone here liked my video which is highly doubtful, this sunday Im doing (doing lol) Sasha.

    Im thinking about 1.5k to be used
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    So a very frugal guy.
    That deserves my respect, quite honestly.

    Which one can have more than 25 canisters I know also. But that you do not use them sooooooo long I can not believe.

    I always play my fuel the same and have not got the luck to get many canisters or radios.

    I dont like write in englisch or talke, but i try it every time. I think everyone find the way to understand what i mean :blush:

    The last one i try it without Google translator. I understand more than i can
    write. Nico to traf from you. Wehre do you com from?

    Sorry when the words is wrong :blush:
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    Nico is wrong, nice :wink:
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    I havent use them for 2 days its not that long honestly.

    Im maxed on buildings and have a lot of very strong gear and so so strong survivors so i do not need to use gas every time its available.

    Its also to have some break from the game every little while.
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