When do ranged survivors become useless in the challenges? If they do?

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I have all level 17 survivors. All of them are 1 pink star with a 2 pink star warrior and a 2 pink star scout. They all have what most people on here who know what they are doing consider to be the perfect traits.

In the last two challenges I was able to get 800+ stars each. I used this strategy. I used my A team ranged until RSL 20. I don't currently have any piercing on my weapons. It's so hard to come by it seems. They become useless at this point -- way too many bodyshots. The respawn kills me. This is when I switch to my A team melee. I use legendary Jesus -- I don't have Michonne yet, my 2pink star warrior and scout. With this group I can get through all rounds in RSL 21 and 22.

My questions is --- even with the perfect ranged gear -- piercing and whatever --- do ranged eventually become useless? Do most people use melee survivors to get these 1000+ stars.

Any input is appreciated. Thank you.


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    For myself, I use ranged all the way to the end. I got 942 stars last challenge and 1010 the one before. Piercing makes a huge difference (I now have two of each ranged class with piercing).

    I use melee sometimes for specific missions at high levels. But I should disclose that my melee survivors generally have worse gear than my ranged.
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    Melee is useful when your ranged cannot handle the spawn. Threat reduction and just not alerting walkers makes a big difference when you get 5, 6, or 7 over your level.
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