Shut It...holy crap what just happened?

GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
I was farming 100 walkers before shutting the gates as I always do and once I got to 100 I sent to guy's to shut the gates. As soon as I did, About 20 fatties appeared out of thin air. That has never happened before. Lol...thanks NG. I was a bit groggy and now I'm all woke up! My crew is in the hospital, but I don't really have time to play today. Heading to D.C. To march on the Capitol..

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  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Implemented long time ago @Gebobs , trigger is those 100 walkers killed...Some maps are not for farming, this is one of them.
  • TWDSkutterTWDSkutter Member Posts: 160
    I thought all of these had been got rid of for the 1xp version ... certainly the case on the other gate mission
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  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    So noted though it must start at a certain level as I've farmed 100 several times this challenge. So I can farm say 90 and it's ok. Thanks.
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    I remember this was happening in other maps (like "container") before. Haven't seen this for a long time. Nice bonus for xp farming though. ;)
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    I would be careful with those 90, as you will prolly need to kill some more during closing gates. If you will count with that, it will work. But IMO, it is not really worthy doing it this way. But it is up to you @Gebobs
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,713
    IIRC, it happens after 20-25 spawns. If you farm to exactly 100 and stop, you should be fine. Just make sure you're paying attention to when you start getting 1 XP.
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  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    They actually need to change that as on higher levels hou can legit fight on that map for a long while trying to clear it.
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    @TheLostOnes Issue for the redundancy thread.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • GebobsGebobs Member Posts: 428
    @Governator I did just that. No way I was at 150. Maybe as @JayZ says it's after 20-25 spawns. 20 spawns plus the starting 10 walkers would be around 120 or so. That's possible.
  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    I think it's after 100 walkers rather than number of rounds.
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  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    The trick is to start closing the gate in time. It used to be a personal mini challenge for me.
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  • The_JerThe_Jer Member Posts: 293
    I've farmed 100+ (usually 110-112) through 6 rounds. As soon as I see a "1" pop up for XP, close both gates at the same time. One more turn, then closed.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,410
    edited April 2017
    Just pushed that map to 129 kills with no tank spawn. :sunglasses:

    Edit: Did another run and pushed to 138 kills with no tanks.
  • AnarchiAnarchi Member Posts: 74
    That's happened to me a long long time ago... it happens around 150-200. Only did it once and learned from it... never again beyond even 110.
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    It is around 150 if I remember that right. But to be safe - as some have already pointed out - just immediately start closing both sides of the gate at the same time after you see your first 1 XP pop up, nothing happens.

    I got to 115 or 118 or something like that with no fatty spawn several times.

    I can also safely say it isn't the number of spawn rounds because one time I had closed the first gate before deciding to farm and I farmed 3 at a time to 100+ and there were no fatties, either.
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  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    Why would you ever want to go beyond those that start giving you one XP?
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    You wouldn't want to do that. But if you carelessly hit "end turn" while watching TV or something it can happen quicker than you might think. :p
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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    Looking for any videos with the spawn. Haha
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  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 713
    @ShadowaceAz no video needed. You can do it yourself on this challenge.
    Shut It map. Imagine it still works.
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