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I had been thinking of ways the game can be made better with new features. I was gonna put them all in one thread but would have been too much so here's the first of my ideas: New classes!

I have been playing the game since 6-7 months so I don't know when the last class was added but I assume it has been a while.
Adding a new class will make the gameplay a little more varied and will make players try new and different combinations and strategies.
New classes being added when the show is off will be seen as major new content by the players and it will give them incentive to invest more time/money.
So here goes.

Shotgun Class

Shotgun is a very common weapon in a ZA game and it's surprising to see that there aren't any shotgun weapons in the game (Maybe one)
With so many shotguns features in the show, these could really be a class of their own.

They could have a cone like AoE like the Assault Class weapons but the cone will be smaller. The weapons could be designed in a way that the enemies nearer to the shotgun suffer more damage(High amount) and the ones further away suffer less.
So these weapons could be good in tight maps like The Archives etc. These would be a little more effective against armored and Tank walkers compared to other firearms.
Critical attack could be similar to the Hunters with just the overall damage of the attacked increased.


This can be a class of weapons consisting of Bows and Crossbows.
Personally I believe "Hunter" suits more to this class that the riflemen but I won't get into that. There have been characters in the show who used Bows ( Shumpert (Governor's henchman, a woodbury girl and one of the Claimer dudes), yet there is not a single Bow in the game.
This could be a really fun class to use as it would be ranged and won't attract walkers when fired. Survivors of this class would only be able to kill one walker normally and their range could be the same or slightly less (1 or 2 spaces) to that of a hunter.
Their critical attack could either work the same as a shooter or otherwise with their critical attack their arrow/bolt would be able to pierce multiple enemies in a single line. Another possible critical attack would be having the bow fire 2/3 bolts/arrows in one attack so you can take out enemies coming at you in 3 different lines.

If this class is actually brought to the game then Daryl and Dwight could be transferred to this class.

Explosive Class

This class would be able to use explosive weaponry such as Grenade Launchers (Used by Martinez), RPG ( Used by Daryl), grenades etc.
This class could deal a really high amount of damage in circular AoE (Like the reckoning) but to make it balanced this class would have limited ammo like an Explosive class survivor can only use their weapon 5 times in a map and after that it's just about getting them to safety to complete the mission. Or they could only use their weapon every alternate turn.
These could be used for maps that are really tough filled with special walkers like tanks, spiked etc.
The idea of this class would sound overpowered and impractical and I do agree on that but I am just throwing the idea of it out there in hopes that someone else can improve it.

I personally would love to see the first two classes implemented as they aren't game breaking, sound practical and could be easily fit in especially the Tracker/Bowman class.

Please leave your thoughts after reading this. :smiley:


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    @KillingLight You really must have put some time into this and I feel it is awesome and should be implemented!! I also realized that i hadn't noticed the variety of weapons earlier on the show! Let's hope for the best :smile:
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    Looking at kingdom spear, bbq flamethrower, Rufus's molotov etc...
    Don't think classes will get added. Seems special weapons will get used by already existing classes.
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    @T_12 Thank you.
    And Indeed. I was surprised on the lack of shotguns considering it has been used so often. Bows will make a great addition too.

    Except for the Reckoning (Which can fall into the suggested Explosive class), the others don't really change the gameplay much.
    The flamethrower is the same as an assault rifle but just has a different charge attack.
    The spear can potentially hit 2 more enemies so it is a welcome addition but nothing THAT different either.
    Besides not everyone gets the spear (Pitchfork doesn't count because that was given as Rare).

    I just wanna put my ideas out there in the hope they might be implemented sometime.
    I don't see myself playing the game for another 3-4 months with nothing new added.
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    I don't want to piss on your bonfire cos you've obviously put a lot of thought and work into your post, so well done on that, but don't you think that new classes this would just add to the token dilution?
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    I don't think there's any shortage of tokens for regular survivors?
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    I don't see NG adding any new classes any time soon. Most of you suggestions for classes play similar to a current class. The way they could increase gameplay styles without increasing the class token dilution is to just add new weapons with different charge abilities.

    The hunter is already setup to use a shotgun. Just add a shotgun weapon that has a increased spread but reduced range. Same for assualt with explosives like Rufus's reckoning weapon.
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    Two classes are in need of improving now. Bruisers aren't used and Hunters have been turned into body shot factories, which is odd since theres a HUGE scope on these rifles. If thats fixed you could add a shotgun and cone to hunters, note that trusty farmhand was a shotgun right but no cone. Thats my 2 cents
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    Nice thoughts and work @KillingLight .

    The shotgun has been suggested many times but I just think it's too close to the way they created the assault.

    The explosive class is more realistic. I think, however, they may choose to add it as a weapon for the hunter rather than make it a separate class. The explosive mechanics are already in place, so a grenade launcher could be introduced at some point.
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    @Teeceezy @Shteevie
    Your input would be really appreciated.
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    Great post filled with really cool ideas @KillingLight, thanks for sharing! :)
  • KillingLightKillingLight Member Posts: 118

    Thank you. That gives me hope for the future. :smiley:
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    A possible alternative for the shotgun mechanics; a 4 grid range, straight line of fire, wide, like the gold caliber trait for rifles, and as said , a damage modifier based on proximity, such as 1.25x damage at 1 space away, 1.15x at 2 spaces, 1.05 at 3, and 0.95 at max range.

    Then all thats needed is to make the charge attack mirror the warrior's, that is 2 normal attacks in one turn to make the most of that close up damage. Call it "double barrels" or somethung like that. Alternatively, one could attack at close range, and still retreat to safety, in one turn. Hunters arent known for their durability after all.
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    That's the kind of input I was looking for. Nice work man.
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