9 crates not working right

Lonewolf1321Lonewolf1321 Member Posts: 2
For the past few months I've had problems with the 9 crates that you get to pick from after missions. I always get the standard 3 then when I tap on the free video to get another3 sometimes I'll get the video, but sometimes & even more so now 1 of 2 things happen, I'll either get "sorry the video won't play try again later" or nothing will happen at all. Just out of curiosity one time i decided to tap on the 25 gold to see if it still worked and sure enough it did. What the heck is going on? It's not right!!!! I'm starting to think it's to force people to spend money. I've sent emails b4 about it but it hasn't been fixed. I've lost out on many many crates because of it. Has anyone else had this problem? Even if I wanted to spend money, I can't because my daughter screwed my google acct up and I can't use my card on it. Atleast until i get that corrected.


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