Why I quit no man's land....

Not sure anyone will read this, or even care if they do read it. But here we go.

I quit this game a week ago. I've been playing since the release. It had so much potential, but squandered it. At first this seemed like a fun game where you didn't have to pay to win, but you do. The devs gave up on making new story missions long ago. They instead focused on the outposts and challenges. That's all well and good, but the stories added a different facet of the game. Playing the same challenge missions, same scavenging missions and the same layout of outposts became quite boring. Don't get me wrong, they did a decent job, but that isn't enough. I hate that I need to pay to get good weapons and need to pay to get tokens to upgrade my characters. It's just old. All of my characters are level 20 with legendary gear and almost all 6+ stars. I wish they would have kept the story going, but alas, they didn't. Well NG, it's been fun. Maybe I'll check back in a year and see what's new. Good luck all...



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    I've just played a month or so, and have been quite happy.
    Happy with all aspects of the game.
    Except one.
    The increased amount of body shots when the zombie is three, or more, levels above the survivor.
    That mean that even if you walk into the mission with two level better zombies you will not walk out of it - not unless you make it out before the second wave, if even that, as there will be zombies three, or more, levels higher than your survivors...
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    This game is not much different from any other p2w/ftp, real time strategy game. When players are near the end game, they will move on unless they are playing competitively, or the game is being updated consistently.

    p2w/ftp games should always be first approached with a gamer's mentality. If you can't fathom spending $60 on the newest Call of Duty game, then ftp games are not for you. ftp games are only free, if you choose not to spend any money. If you spend, then do so within limits, and never invest
    more than you are willing to walk away from. This is true for anything in life. If you spent a few hundred bucks, but played for months, and you feel
    like you got your entertainments worth, then there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you will spend $60 on a digital xbox game, only to play
    for just a few days.
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    @tallinie ..dear friend, nah.. Forget about that, it's a game, think ”at large” ...there is no need to burn the game in few weeks... ;)
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    @Jaden yes, dilution is what I meant. The saturation of heroes = dilution of hero tokens.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    I would even call it oversaturation of heroes by now.

    I mean... there are still heroes I'd like to have and lots of them have nice traits (well, there are some... like Rick... that are useless to me as leaders - sorry Rick) and I would use them... but too many of mine are green and thus are more "collectors' items" than playable characters.

    And even the legendaries often suck (sorry again, Legendaryl, but you suck, too, compared to my 6star hunter - too many bodyshots at RSL +3 and up).

    Anyway - I think that replaying the normal missions for hero tokens would be nice.

    Now... that would be a "hero week" (or maybe fortnight) I'd enjoy: you can replay all the missions to get Abe tokens (if you have all Daryl tokens), next Rosita, then someone else... that would help a lot with getting a decent amount of hero tokens (and still wouldn't break the game if you ask me).
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    Nice pull, and all that, but you're one in a million. NG loves a pic like that so they can say "see, it's working just fine." It is not.
    I used to love the game. NG has taken the polish off and replaced it with tarnish.
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    @darthvictor In situations like the one above, don't you feel NG should allow us to take both :-
    "Take Both And Enjoy!"
    The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
  • SlowMoSlowMo Member Posts: 203
    Nice pull!! Please do keep up with your hundreds of dollar spent to keep NG afloat, so that I can play for free. The community needs more players like you! Appreciate it!
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