What's your favourite Challenge episode?

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We're keen to hear which Challenge map you are enjoying the most! Previous one was deleted because, well, I messed up. Thanks to @Poppy for pointing out my mistake.

What's your favourite Challenge episode? 59 votes

zosonVerbaubrjcompiererfrischerLadyAquilaNichonneR3st13ss我是云云IllbrainerMaxamus1975 10 votes
Carlospartan912lunaranSmokin_Joe_BlowWeasel007SenoiaSurvivorWalkerDoc_PughLawdogStraidJamesMolkymasmith93Tigerfrllybsilly1 15 votes
TK-421AnnihilatorWastelandDanMorgangabriel_lwhPoppyqwertshotzg7DrBOBNoggerJippelBagpuss4WallsAlco[Deleted User] 14 votes
RayVelcoroip4weatherCellguyMirzaNecroboogieEvenkarJazzDeadBeat[Deleted User]Natedocholiday87JAZZZMAN[Deleted User]TeanutbasiaMDDecuswalkersWalkerBait1[Deleted User]Mikewarrior 20 votes


  • qwertqwert Member Posts: 13
    Still town
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Where's Lakeside????
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  • niconico Member Posts: 17
    Looking for a new one
    It can even be worst but it will be new
  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
    I like the prison best because with the current level caps there is a hard end point. The other challenges all have at least one map where you can keep beating it as long as you have gas to proceed (making them pay to win potentially).
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Prison.I like the cheese sandwiches.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I like them all equally bar Terminus which I find extremely tedious.
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  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    Yes but Terminus has that lovely barbeque going ...
  • AhexAhex Member Posts: 78
    My favourite challenge is trying to get 1.6 update on android.
  • shAdshAd Member Posts: 268
    Challenges without exploits!
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  • erfrischererfrischer Member Posts: 59
    Ahex said:

    My favourite challenge is trying to get 1.6 update on android.

    James[Deleted User]
  • mindsoremindsore Member Posts: 70
    Lawdog said:

    Prison.I like the cheese sandwiches.

    +1 I like the jumpsuits
  • docholiday87docholiday87 Member Posts: 17
    I like the forest alot just because I can get alot of stars. My hunters make it easy to get too 200 stars.
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    Wait. ..I think i voted for the wrong one. .which one has the one mission with the double body pile where you can herd them through barricades? Terminus or the Prison? Whatever one that one is.
  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    I don't have favourites in this case. But I have a note to make.

    I figure it's part of the "theme" for each map, but I find it strange that some weeks are very skewed when it comes to level design. So the forest is full of burning walkers. Makes "melee only" efforts smokey. Other weeks is lots of armor. If possible withing the theme I think it would make sense to balance team requirements each week. Sure maps may be burner only, but some variation within the week is nice if you have only a few survivors.
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