Gamer Motivation Profile??

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Outside of actually clicking on the link, can @zbot @Teeceezy @Shteevie give an explanation? Seems a bit, shall I say, shady?
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    @SCBMA That's exactly why I was apprehensive about it.
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    It has nothing to do with target marketing campaigns. We're trying to get insight into what kind of players play NML. Can I ask what made it seem shady? If it's the wording, we can definitely change that.
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    @Governator If you want some interesting reading, here it is.
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    It's actually pretty fun to see the result. I gotta check some of the games my profile match.
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    Mobile Strike must be paying a crap load of money to NG for the ads.

    Haven't watched an ad since august 2016

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    For me, Boom Beach is the new Mobile Strike. I once had 4 BB ads - all the some - in a row. Argh!

    Still better than MS or "I'm a baby dragon, yo!" - makes you want to become a dragon slayer. Yo!
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    Arnie couldn't get me to play MS, chances a blonde gal advertising it will get me to play it?

    Fair to midling if she was wearing a bikini and swearing.

    Not sure which demographic they are aiming for.
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    How to explain why it seems shady...hmmm, nope, at a loss for words for once. I'm an American, you'll just have to buy my information from my ISP like everyone else, lol. Go through the proper channels.
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    Just stop the girl wearing the blue sack from telling me that in "8 seconds I will be attacked" and I will sign anything you ask
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    The "shady" part is the instant the link takes you to a webpage you are submitting data to a 3rd party entity. That means, more than likely, they are sick and tired of seeing all the negativity about their game, developers and senior level company decisions in this forum and feel they will get a batter opinion offsite. Sorry NG, you won't. In fact you may find the perceived 1% of player base opinion is actually closer to 90%. You reap what you sow!
    My fear is that they will used collected data to justify more minimalization, more nerfing, and higher costs for everything. If they do, bye bye IPO!
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    @Vudnik I'd argue that most of the negativity (at least on the forums) comes from a vocal minority, which you also belong to. I'm not saying NML is perfect or that we don't make mistakes, but assuming that this questionnaire has anything to do with that is false, and frankly your assumptions and constant toxicity are getting pretty boring at this stage. Try another angle.

    Like I said earlier, it's a questionnaire to figure out what kind of a player base No Man's Land has. Once done, it'll give you a graph of what motivates you with games.
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    I didn't get the "shady" feeling, but I was immediately wary of possibly being data mined. And when I saw the poll was linked to an outside party, I immediately knew I had no intention of filling it out.

    Keep it in house and I'd think about it. Hire an outside company that I have no clue how and why they would use the info beyond NG and I will stay quiet.
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    Thanks for the feedback @GrimGael.
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    vshield50 said:

    > @JayZ said:

    > If I fill it out, can I stop getting Mobile Strike ads?

    I think the mobile strike ads are like death and taxes at this point.

    Hey, didn't someone state on the "Sexual Content Complaint" thred that Arnold grabbed a breast and they were offended? Thought they were removing it...

    Seems kind of drastic to remove someone's breast.
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    JAZZZMAN said:

    Seems kind of drastic to remove someone's breast.

    No no, nothing that crazy! They took off Arnie's hand.
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    Alright, somehow you persuaded me that you are being sincere, @Teeceezy and seeing some of my concerns put into print here unlocked the word hoard:
    1. I am naturally paranoid with information and rather disciplined about what and where I give it out. This is probably a function of my age, as I have tried and failed with my kids. Anything you want to know about them is a Google search away. You could build a decent but incomplete profile about me. Some fields have always been intentionally left blank.
    2. I firmly believe our time together is limited. We've met over zombies, we will part when this game is left behind. By both of us. I think it will be sooner than I like.
    3. Third party. While I can't match some for toxicity, I'm fairly toxic in several categories . I do, however, come back to the fact that I like and play this game. I'd be more willing to share in house. I know that's not practical and convenient, it's just a knee-jerk reaction. I'm fairly open and uncensored here on the forum, as you know.
    4. Since I'm taking you at your word, I went back to see what was the exact moment I x'ed out of the whole issue.
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    (Sorry, fell off my play list and hit post instead of save draft)
    4. Cont'd. It was actually a mistake. I saw the register button and assumed I had to do so to take the survey. Hit X before looking around. So it's a possibility and good show there. But there's number 5.
    5. There's no benefit to me. Now, it does sound like I'm asking for 5 phones or something, but I mean it in a different way. I've been an Internet gamer since text-based MUDD's. Also, again, old dude. I know myself (sometimes painfully) well enough so this doesn't really offer me anything. And we both know information is currency. You are asking for a handout, which is fine, really. I've already supported you by watching the occasional video and even bought a bundle and two boosters this year. They were handy, but I've never really needed them, I buy to support you like back in the old freeware days (lol, old dude) without worrying about how else you make your money, because it's about doing my part. So we're even for 2017.
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    FWIW, I did the survey, but didn't create an account. I thought it was interesting to see my results.
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    It just gets old: companies concoct various ways to extract our personal data, buying habits, ideas, etc and then use it to try to sell us something then turn around and sell our information to other companies. Anyone who truly values their privacy needs to become a Luddite.
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    Honestly it felt like a marketing trawl to me - don't really want to provide info so I can have advertising (suggested games) targeted to me ... get enough of that with amazon ads popping up wherever I go.

    I appreciate NG might want to know the player base but could really have done a better job of explaining what is in it for the players (above and beyond RFI tagging us for more marketing).
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