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Thank you all for helping me in my other thread to accept the Legendary shooter. Now I come to you with another decision. Are any of these characters worth having or should I accept the tokens from Helen to further upgrade my Legendary shooter? I don't currently have a "good" warrior, only the one from the mission but I don't know if this one is good. Or if I would be better off upgrading with shooter tokens. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Attaching screenshots of my current choice + the Legendary shooter I have from my other thread. I am currently counsel level 10. :)
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  • KitsuneKitsune Member Posts: 44
    Here are the choices
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  • KitsuneKitsune Member Posts: 44
    Previous shooter that you all suggested I keep. He's amazing!
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  • KitsuneKitsune Member Posts: 44
    I'm reading online that warrior traits with overwatch are not not preferred since they are short range. I'm guessing I should go with the shooter tokens then?
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    If you use overwatch a lot, and don't plan on upgrading, then go with Helen. She will have better def/att stats also, because she is 4 star epic.

    Margaret has 3 desirable traits for ranged but is 3 star and will cost 300 tokens to unlock the next trait. With the 3 star you have a chance to unlock 2 other traits that you want, but can be a hit or miss. Helen however can only have 1 more trait.
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    Personally I wouldn't upgrade a Warrior that didn't have Retaliate. I'd keep Helen.
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    Vigilant can be very useful as it increases damage significantly during overwatch. Enough to be a kill shot in many cases until reaching walkers several levels above you. And overwatch attacks do not cause a threat, so they keep the spawn counts low (also important for missions at + levels). I would keep Helen.

    IMO, marksman/sure shot/luck are absolutes for all ranged, and any two of vigilant/iron skin/dodge are ideal. Bullet dodge is ok, and defensive stance is useless for survivors who are by design far away from the walkers most of the time. I would roll the dice on Helen's 5th trait down the road if nothing better comes along as there is a 50/50 chance of getting a good 5th trait, and 75% chance it's decent. I would only scrap if promoted and got def stance
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    Garbage traits on Michelle. Take the tokens and run
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    Helen's good! Getting dodge or iron skin as fifth trait would be great!!
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