Outpost Attacks

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A few basic tips for how to select an opponent for outpost attacks. (For lower level tiers)

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SUGGESTIONS to developers for outpost gameplay.
ALLOW easier training for survivors in the outpost. Perhaps there should be list of defenders and a priority order for defense that can be set once by the defending player. Right now it's too tedious to move survivors around just to train them.

Remove attacking survivor charge abilities. Right now it's counter productive to capture more walkers because it helps the attackers too much.

Reduce time for attack to 5 minutes. 10 minutes is way too long.
Or perhaps give a bonus if it is done in a certain amount of time / moves.


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    Silence is golden
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    Seems like your video may be helpful to newer players so thanks for taking the time to lend advice.

    But I do have a few points of disagreement:

    6 is actually the minimum number of walkers in an outpost. This wasn't always the case, but the glitch of just 4 walkers seems to have been fixed with the last update.

    The time allotted is just right, IMO. It takes a long time to kill all walkers when facing high level opponents with maxed number of walkers that include armored and tanks.
    Plus, it makes it (sometimes) possible to restart after a disconnect without getting a loss from timing out.

    Charge abilities for attackers are absolutely essential at high levels and should not be removed.

    And finally, while many people find assaults useful in attacking outposts, they are not a necessity, and I personally find a bruiser with retaliate to be much more useful since they can stun more than once and don't have to be charged to do so.
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    @DeathStroke - With all due respect sir, what you are advocating in your video is mostly just your personal preference, and not objectively sound advice. I admit I fundamentally disagree with a number of your video statements even if your intended target audience are only newer players. But I do respect players such as you who at least attempt to help your fellow players via videos, posts, etc. about the game. Overall, I suspect many of your strategic perceptions will change significantly as you move up in Outpost Tiers. A full defender squad of stun-resist gear will be a trial-by-fire. But keep fighting the good fight!
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    @Mabiki How often do you actually lose when attacking an outpost? Right now the game seems to be severely tilted in favor of the attacker.

    Of course I'm not a maxed out player yet and when the defenders actually care about defending their outposts they might put stun resistant gear on their defenders. I just almost never experienced it yet.
    Are there other vids or links you'd recommend for higher level stuff?

    I think bruisers are great in outpost battles as well. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
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    @Movado. Not sure what you fundamentally disagree with, I'd be interested to know. And of course opinions may change as strategies necessitate different combat options.
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    I normally draw rather than take a loss if I can, but it is frequent enough when facing opponents at my level that I don't feel there is a lack of balance. Attackers have the advantage, but it is nearly impossible to leave a battle without one or all of my survivors facing serious hospital time against a decent defense.

    You will find stun resist gear gets a lot more common facing survivors in the upper teens, and that makes assaults more limited.

    And you may find TG rewards more important than influence as you advance and spending TG for weapons becomes more important.

    I don't have any links/vids to recommend, but I've developed my own strategy over time that I find to be very effective. I don't want to share everything, but I normally use a team of shooter, bruiser and scout. This setup allows me to be versatile no matter what type of opponent I face

    Scouts are most useful because of extra moves to grab TG and end the raid without fighting when your main goal is to get crates, but the high attack power and a swift strike or interrupt weapon can help in battle as well.

    Shooters best advantage is to attack twice in one turn when charged while keeping distance, and with gold range they can hit a defender like Daryl without being in range of his retaliate.

    You already understand the value of bruisers, so not much to add there.

    Overall, I think a lot of players can glean good advice from your vid, so thanks again for taking the time to share. Just keep in mind that the game dynamic changes the higher you advance in levels and outpost tiers, so your strat will not be effective forever.

    BTW, my survivors are level 19. I found outposts became more challenging around level 16 or so, but I have also been in the 5000 tier since around that time, and people who raid that much tend to take time to develop strong defenses. You won't see many defenders grouped for an easy mass stun up there.

    Edit: Sorry to be so longwinded. I only recently got into challenges and focused for a long time on outposts, so I have a lot of strong opinions based on my experiences.
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    I'm going to try to do this early every Challenge to help people max their stars. Please share any additional info, strategies and tips when the maps get difficult in the comments here and on the site, though they will probably be more valuable on the site so more people can see them (including myself so I can potentially add them to original page!).


    Take a look-see @DeathStroke

    The effort of compiling such vast amounts of information
    Indispensable site
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    Win without any bloodshed & kill only when needed. That's The Art of War, and it looks like The Art for TG lovers too ;)
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    @THCross , there is a plethora of good information on that site. I never saw that particular link you sent, which was fantastic.
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    @Mabiki, thanks for the thoughtful response. The vids I'm creating are strictly what works for me. And if it works for me, it's bound to help someone else in a similar situation. If I'm off base, I certainly do want to know why and how to correct.

    I'm 100% sure that it gets crazy hard at the higher levels and that's part of the reason that at my level (now level 17 for my survivors) I haven't put much effort into getting trade goods or upping my outpost rank. It's probably because I haven't seen the point in it yet. Yes you can buy some legendary equipment, but I usually use scavenge runs when gas is on a 60 second refresh and replenish my xp bank and get some good loot. I always buy hero tokens and I am still saving up trade goods. I just haven't seen anything that's worth spending on unless you are in a super competitive alliance trying to get 800-900 points each.

    I do recognize that once i run into the higher ranks where people actually put more effort into it and have time to place survivors that make it tough, the survivors will be equipped with better armor and equipment.

    Thanks all for making this an interesting post and sharing what is in the pipeline.
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    Hey @DeathStroke, great video(s). PM me if you'd like to join the Content Creator program and get opportunities to make videos about upcoming events and such. :)
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    @Teeceezy sent you a PM. Sounds like fun! Count me in.
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