What do I do!?

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Three decent options here!
A) Take Daryl's tokens
B) Take the beast swordsman
C) Take the tokens of the swordsman


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    Screenshot please!
  • SugaShaneSugaShane Member Posts: 92
    I thought I put it in there. Sorry!
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    I'd take the tokens. Luck/Strong/Retaliate are excellent traits but Vig/Def Stance supposedly don't work together which means one of those is a completely bunk trait.
    256 Warrior tokens vs. 32 Daryl tokens is still a toss up... If it meant an immediate trait increase or promotion for Daryl, I'd probably take his tokens over the warrior.
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    @SugaShane Warrior gold Tokens for sure! His trait combinations pretty much suck!!
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    Depends a bit on your other survivors, too, but either warrior or his tokens. 32 Daryl tokens aren't too hard to get.
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    > @SugaShane said:
    > *Two* decent options here!
    > A) Take Daryl's tokens
    > B) Take the *garbage warrior*
    > C) Take the tokens of *garbage warrior*

    C. Unless you are really jonesing to boost Daryl, 128 tokens toward upgrading a warrior with good traits looks like the way to go. Daryl tokens will come with the story missions returns.
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 712
    @capibara Daryl tokens so hard to get?!
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