Farming XP with Bad Neighborhood

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I remember being able to shoot walkers after closing the gate because they would still spawn. It was great. Now, the spawns stop after the gate is closed. So, if you want to farm XP on this map, keep the gate open as long as possible. Just be careful on how many rounds you need to close the gate. :sunglasses:


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    Well... bummer would have been a better reaction to that but since we don't have that... thanks for the info.
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    Yes... When i saw in the forum those screenshots of 100+ walkers i realized it will be fixed soon... They never learn... :/
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    @capibara And more over since some people touched lvl 100 walkers and posted pics of bravery!

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Since the walkers were behind a fence and couldn't hurt any survivors, I'd hardly call it bravery. Not to mention the drop to 1 xp per kill after 100 walkers. Seems like a massive waste to push so many kills on one map.

    It's lame NG stoped the infinite spawn, but you can still farm to max as long as you don't close the gate.
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,098
    Hmmm, if you don't close the gates, you can still farm
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  • FeloniousSpunkFeloniousSpunk Member Posts: 76
    You can still farm bit they all spawn at the same level walker which limits how much xp you can get. Before ng nerfed it they spawned up to level 30 before I hit 100 walkers. Any way they can to limit players success
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