Walkers not dying on final attack in a round

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This is happening a lot. The final attack I make in a round is not killing walkers even though it should. Here is an example. I just faced my last walker in the swat challenge. I attacked, the green exit lighted up to show I killed them all, only the last walker did not die. He attacked me and cost me two stars and died from retaliate. I should never have gotten hit. He was dead and the exit lighting up showed he should have been dead. This is happening a lot and is costing me gold, gas and stars. Please fix this terrible glitch. It makes playing challenges at higher levels incredibly frustrating. Please make this a priority because it seems to be happening more and more.


  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
    I think you are falling victim to the "graphics not always in order" issue NG has yet to fix. I have see no blood spatters occur on the ground near my warriors immediately at the end of my turn. Then a walker walks up to be cut down by my warrior's overwatch attack. The walker nicely falls into the presplattered blood from its foreshadowed killing.

    I think the game is registering that you killed the walker on your retaliate and lights up the blue exit before the walker ever moves in close to attack. You then see all of the events in the sequence occur already knowing that you will emerge triumphant, only you discover too late that you did take injury/wrestle in the unfolding events.

    I am fairly confident this is what you saw.

    Can someone else confirm?
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    Can't say for sure, but a display order problem does seem like the most likely explanation.
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  • Tony_The_Bad_AssTony_The_Bad_Ass Member Posts: 16
    I have the same problem but with me in already standing on the exit and killed them all and the walker counter is only 3 and the walkers get an extra turn An walk right up to me
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