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I assume this game is available in China, so the question is: when will NG publish the drop rates for chest prizes and the probablities for phone calls to be in compliance with the Chinese law that went into effect on May 1st?


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    I think there was a thread recently discussing how it wasn't actually available in mainland China (maybe I'm imagining this).
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    Not sure about a thread (don't remember seeing one), but yeah currently No Man's Land is unavailable in mainland China.
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    NG is unwilling to be more transparency about the drop rate so they decided to remove the game from App Store.

    Why I'm not surprise at all?
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    WOW... Thanks @Warlord I had no idea about this law going into effect.

    Check this out. It's a clever read.

    “Revealing the drop rates of boxes is ultimately better for the consumer as they have a clear idea of what they’re buying into. At the moment there is a lot of confusion between players and developers on drop rates for blind boxes.”

    “China is a huge market for gaming and getting into that market comes with considerable challenges,” he says. “So once companies have a presence there, withdrawing a product over drop rates isn't something we'd envision.”




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    @DLich beat you the source a quarter hour ;)
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    @DLich I just happened to see it because Blizzard did the typical sleezy corporate thing and only published theirs on a Chinese specific web site. Like it wouldn't get translated and get out. :smile:

    Just sad that governments have to pass laws for something like this. Its not like companies don't realize "A satisfied player stays in the game" and that "It's important for us to keep our players playing for a long time". http://www.nextgames.com/ng/investors/

    I wonder if China is in that 166 count at the bottom of the page and if they let their investors know they pulled out of the China market, one of, if not the most lucrative mobile gaming markets in the world.
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    We removed the game from mainland China because the app review process changed after changes to local regulation.

    These changes meant that the local government began to require their own review for all mobile game releases and updates. As a result, it would've taken months for NML to be approved with every update/release to the game, with no actual guarantee that the game would be approved at all. This last reason being the most important: We probably wouldn't have been approved due to "socially immoral" content.
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