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Ok so I scanned through the top 5 pages of post titles, didnt see much in the way of legit improvement suggestions, just complaints, so heres a multi-stage idea;

1) set the default TG to 500, and influence points to 20.
2) use the raiders own outpost rating, walker count, and walker levels to add bonuses to the amount of TG and Infl. you can nab in one raid. ( this adds incentive to power up one's own outpost.)
3) use the defenders walker count and walker level to reduce to preset TG/Inlf amount. AND, reinstate a loss of TG to the defender, even if only at a 20-50% loss rate. (Again this adds incentive to level ones own outpost, instead of leaving it virtually undefended)

Last thought, a high level raiding party will be able to nab approx 900-1000 TG, and 50 Infl against a very poorly defended outpost, and a fairly high level raid vs high level defence should roughly balance out to the original 500 and 20pts.


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    Wht about a practice outpost,to see how is our outpost,our defense..
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    Your first 2 suggestions have been suggested quite a few times and the last idea isn't a good one
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    Why I'm i getting the same level greens if one from a sliver chest and the other from a gold
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    The previous formula for TG loss was approx 10% of your current stash per attack, which basically led everyone to spend all their goods as often as possible. What I'm suggesting is merely a 10-20% of the goods forfeited on that particular raid.

    Here's my reasoning;
    There are a ton of players who were fortunate enough to benefit from an exploit whereby the less upgrades you made, the better your overall defence, since it can possibly lead to attackers NOT being able to build up charges before meeting your defenders.

    Those who want to continue exploiting this, will experience a greater TG differential when being attacked by someone who actually spent time and goods investing in their own outpost. (which frankly is a pretty common complaint)

    Since you only get attacked 3 times per day, or less, thanks to 8hr sheilds, loosing 50-100 TG per attack (thats where most people would be at), is easy enough to recover. Yet for those who want to keep the low defence exploit in place, they will have to work a bit harder, lessening the overall appeal of the exploit, and again, promoting the upgrading of your own posts.
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    I doubt that... people will earn about 350 TG from my outpost since I have not caught or upgraded walkers. But they are free to grab the TG crates if they decide to do so. I don't block them.

    Most decide to fight, though, and kill my defenders. They already do so without tons of walkers to charge. They will not be hindered by more or higher level walkers. If anything, that will make it easier for them. So why would I spend a high amount of TG to not lose a small amount?

    Plus it is still less likely that someone will attack an outpost giving them around 350 to 380 TG over one that gives them 500+.

    If we would go back to losing 10% of what we have, though, I would simply spend them ASAP.

    So penalizing wouldn't work for me.

    Getting some sorts of rewards for upgrading, on the other hand, probably would.
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    Just let us downgrade/remove walkers from the map to make it fair for those who like to max everything but gets punished for doing so. TG cap should be connected to your own outpost strength and also something needs to be done with the walkers...they're currently just too weak...way too weak and should be buffed by couple of additional levels. This or make them spawn right after the CTF. Also the mission timer is a joke... I love to raid but it just feels wrong, unbalanced, boring and broken as it is right now.
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    I can get behind a higher level cap for your walkers, making them an actual measure of defense, instead of purely a means of charging attackers, but another thing I'd like to see added is for the AI for the walkers account for defenders as well.

    What i mean is, ALL humans should attract walkers. Sooo many times i get behind enemy lines, only to watch in horror as waves of walkers casually bypass the lone standing defender, and keep moving on to my attackers, occasionally making the last target unreachable, and so my 7 turn timer runs out before i can kill all the defenders. Meanwhile, some cheazy bruiser waits casually behind a 2 or 3 layer thick wall of walkers.

    Im thinking, even thiugh you have no direct control for your own outpost when it gets attacked, having a stronger walker defense should have a risk/reward nature to it. If a group of attackers breach your defensive gate, and your own tougher walkers get in, your defenders should well be at risk too.
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    Exactly. Walkers for some unknown reason acts like defender allies which is plain stupid. What about adding more base layouts or let us manage its defences like fences, wires, sandbags etc
  • zerosouLzerosouL Member Posts: 190
    How about making a patch that is outpost oriented? Do we have to wait another year to actually recieve some love for this gamemode?
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