Which scout weapon? (B Team)

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In a bit of a stalemate ATM. Waiting for resources to upgrade workshop next - I'm doing workshop before training grounds this time, based on 60 hours to upgrade a single piece of kit, vs 10 hours to upgrade 1 survivor (It'll all go up for lvl19's i know). A lot of my main kit is upgraded, so this is time for B team kit, and Future upgrades.

As my scouts have always struggled for kit - and as i have no decent legendary kit waiting - is it worth waiting an upgrading the lvl19? Or upgrade the lvl18 - If so which one? Not had a single threat reduction weapon yet, so keen to try that.

Predominately, Scouts are used on Outpost Raids. I will use them on challenges etc where i face tanks\armored that need interrupt. I already have interrupt on the top left weapon (Base lvl17, Interrupt\Lethal\Luck), which makes me tempted to go for Antonio's (Lethal\Threat Red\Swift Strike), or the lvl19?

Sorry for dumb questions, not had much luck with scout kit - these are my first weapons with interrupt


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    Well, threat reduction is of no use raiding, as I'm sure you know, it certainly has great value in higher level challenges. I've only recently found and started using gold threat reduction myself. My preference is to have luck as well on the weapon which, combined with luck on a scout, gets the threat reduction to 100%. But it's probably still good working at 75-90% chance. Silver reduction seems too low to rely on though. It would be more of a side benefit.

    I also use my scout to interrupt like you. Your ragtag seems perfect for that purpose. Imo, if you want to try threat reduction, upgrade the lvl19 hammer with gold threat. Give to a scout with high luck to increase it to around 90%. Antonio's knife is a fine general purpose weapon. I also haven't had swift strike in ages so looking for one myself.
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    @DoTak - Thanks. Yes, I've read on here about threat reduction at higher challenge levels, but I've never had it to try.

    Sorry, I should have been clearer. I'd not use threat reduction on outpost, yes - it's useless as you get initial captured plus 18? In the spawn.

    I miss my old swift strike knife that was handy on both sides.

    I do fancy trying the threat reduction out though so I'll probably go that route, unless others have different views

    Still 2m supplies to go, so plenty of time before I can upgrade the 19
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