Which of these weapons are worth investing in

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    Gold threat reduction is a pretty nice trait, would be better combined with luck, but still, one of your combat knives look good to me.

    I'm guessing you can upgrade base level 19 gear right now so would only upgrade an 18 if the traits were really good. I'd say 17 is out of the question. If your scout has high luck, the 18 knife isn't bad

    As for your rifles, I'd upgrade the Harrier with lethal, large cal and piercing. And that deer rifle on fallen angel that you already started looks good.

    No offense, but maybe you should hold off buying any more rifles since you haven't gotten around to upgrading the ones you already paid for, lol


    PS. Not a fan of the shotgun
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    I would suggest to upgrade your survivors first to level 20 then choose that level 20 legendary rifle to upgrade. I also like that level 19 legendary rifle but will be less worthy once you have your survivor to level 20.
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    Well I didn't buy only for the gun itself, they had other items that I needed as well lol..but I haven't bought anymore because the rifle was bought before I realized about trials and which were better...I'm still learning hence me asking...I did get one of the legendary hunter weapons as a reward from a crate believe it or not lol I just don't rem which one?
  • vabuda1vabuda1 Member Posts: 80

    Is THIS a worth it assault weapon?
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    Yeah, the gold skull and wide spread are very good. If you go high above your survivors in challenges, you'll want to look for piercing though. You must be in the states. That thing is 25 bucks for me up here
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    I am in the states lol, so do you think it's worth purchasing if no piercing ability? I just don't own a legendary assault weapon yet, but also don't want to spend money on a weapon that won't be worth it.
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    Well, I generally try to avoid making purchase suggestions either for or against, because I feel like it's not my money I'm using, it's someone else's and they need to decide on their own.

    However, it seems like you're comfortable spending some money on the game (as am I, from time to time) and you said you have no good assault weapons, so yeah, it's still a pretty decent gun. Piercing may be highly sought after, but doesn't make anything without it useless, imo

    At least it's not another friggin hunter rifle. I'd say you've bought enuf of those for awhile, lol ;)
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    Oh yeah, make sure you're not anywhere close to moving up a level for awhile. You don't want to buy shit and make it less valuable right away
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    True..I am still trying to get my guys to 19 so I think I'm ok for now. As far as the rifles go lol, they had the first one level 18, with gold interrupt and gold lucky in the shop..this was before I was learning about which traits were best...and the crossbow I got because I thought the silenced effect would be greater when daryl used it, then I started to learn about the traits...and the one that Fallen Angel is using was a gun that had other items I wanted at the time and figured seeing I like to use 2 hunters a lot, it'd be worth having a better gun seeing I fkd up with the first purchase lol...then I saw the Harriet I think it is? Level 19 w gold piercing and wider caliber..and thought how much I LOVE wide caliber, and figured the piercing would be great for those armored bastards so I bought that LOL!!! And the level 20 one was in a crate after a challenge where you pick 3... it figures of all classes they give me a gold weapon it's hunter lol...why not assault??!!! I mean they give me gold assault , but it's usually at level 16 which is useless for me :/
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    I bought a second Morgan's Staff at level 20 because my other one was base level 17. A week later, the update came out unlocking council. Lol
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    If i might provide you with and bit of digression advice then I would highly recommend not buying ANY gear before you get to max survivor lvl which now is 21.

    Those weapons will become useless v fast.

    Wasted money that is.
  • vabuda1vabuda1 Member Posts: 80
    Yeah I hear ya, but I need good weapons for while I am playing right now lol...I just bought ricks gun today only because it's the first long range gun I've seen in foreverrrrr.
  • vabuda1vabuda1 Member Posts: 80
    Also @JayZ , I never get full supply bundles anymore? Like it's been months! I've been waiting for those..are you guys getting them?
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    @vabuda1 did you already buy them all? lol, I think there should be 5-6 of those bundles
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