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CRUSHCRUSH Member Posts: 583

This is the moment I have been waiting for. NG is cashing in the hero tokens situation.
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  • Raven2318Raven2318 Member Posts: 226
    This is just plain disgusting. I know they have to make money, they are a business, but this stinks like week old fish. Cold cash grab.
  • CRUSHCRUSH Member Posts: 583
    One question, because I'm f2p:

    Can someone do the purchase only once or a few times? Because if it is only once, NG should fix it immediately, just to make it work as intended.
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    I seriously hope this isn't part of the master plan to "Introduce more ways to collect Hero Tokens" - If so, It's just plain insulting
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,579
    @carlos1981 To be fair, there was a time around when Heroes were launched, where they were just about only obtainable through radio calls. Back then it was a very valid complaint, which we then addressed by adding them to the Season 7 Missions, the TG shop, Challenge rewards, community event rewards etc..
  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,421
    Sorry people, you can't buy your hero... I'm not for sale.

    This is like anything else. If there are people willing to buy the bundles, then they will and we'll see more of them. If the community doesn't feel that this is a good value and the bundles aren't purchased, then they will be removed or revised to be a better value.

    So is the problem that NG is offering the bundles or that people are buying the bundles?
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  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    Just talking about this in my guild that it was bound to happen at some point, vote with your wallet just dont buy it.

    The kicker is whats 50 tokens going to do, its akin to having a 5000 peice jigsaw and buying one peice at a time at a ridicules price.
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
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    There does seem to be a slight miss calculation of what character tokens are worth (especially rick tokens and only 50) btw for myself that bundles is $62.99
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  • paintbeastpaintbeast Member Posts: 1,188
    @Teeceezy To be fair, except for the 4 at a time tg offers and the crapshoot challenge rewards, those are all one time things. We still don't have ANY reliable way to get specific hero tokens.
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    @Teeceezy It's still a valid complaint that we don't have enough reasonable ways to get hero tokens. Look at all the posts with people complaining about the lack of hero tokens and how long it takes to unlock and upgrade and how bad the results are from the hero radio calls. Just because your analytics say people use them that is very misleading because there isn't much of a choice.
  • SerpSerp Member Posts: 621
    I say keep the bundles coming! People will buy them! NG is a business not a charity. People with disposable income who buy these bundles will keep NG's doors open so I can continue to play!
  • T_12T_12 Member Posts: 728
    @Serp That sounds like NG saying buy it if you want to, else F..k off! We don't give shit....
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  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    @Teeceezy - Fair play, i wasn't around before, and I've seen Hero Tokens in Calls, New Challenge boxes, 4 in Trade goods and season 7 missions.

    The 4 in trade goods store is almost right - Some hero's are NEVER there (Michonne, Carl etc). Challenge boxes have been repeatedly requested to have either: ONLY Hero tokens, or at least Increasing numbers for tokens (I feel for those who get higher than my 640-750 stars, but even I'm pi**ed when i get that and pull in 25 Bruiser tokens)

    The biggest problem is the token dilution - a problem that will only get WORSE! - Especially as we have more Hero's being soon to be reveled....

    My Main point was more that we'd been promised more ways to get the tokens. - I was simply stating i hope purchasing is not part of that plan.

  • vabuda1vabuda1 Member Posts: 84
    I think this is going in the right direction..maybe a tweak to either the a,punt of hero tokens (75 maybe?) for same price, or lower price by $10 for this exact would sell like hot cakes imo..for those looking for those tokens to finally unlock or upgrade a specific hero...I love the idea, it just needs a smidge of tweaking to make it really worth it for both NG and players.
  • vabuda1vabuda1 Member Posts: 84
    Amount* of hero tokens! Sorry I type too fast and don't proof read hahahaha
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    vabuda1 said:

    it would sell like hot cakes imo..

    And thats the main problem.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 807
    I'm having trouble generating any kind of outrage in response to this.

    I'm usually firmly in the camp of "more options is better than less options". As long as one of the options is to totally opt out and no one is coerced into anything. NG is giving another option on top of the existing ones.

    NG is the monopoly issuer of tokens, hero or otherwise. As a result they are the price setter. I happen to think that the price is way too high and the price will need to be reduced in order to generate a reasonable demand, but time will tell...
  • MinistrMinistr Member Posts: 105
    @vabuda1 @Teeceezy Thirty five bucks for one fifth of the Tokens to unlock a hero with a garbage leader trait is ridiculous. No amount of tweaking will make this reasonable. It requires a total rethink.
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    NG needs to allow us to retire the heros we don't want or never use. This should also flip a switch where you never get tokens for those retired heros ever again. Has anyone ever been excited about pulling 10 tokens for Dufus or Mr. Potato Head?????
  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    Remember when Heroes were first introduced and we used to get 2 Hero Tokens in the 15x Radio Call? Imagine how much $$ it would cost to buy back all those tokens we got screwed out of. Seems like it's about $15-20 for 50 Rick Tokens (since you are getting Gold as well, but I don't care about doing the actual math).
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 638
    plain and simple. $5 for Ricks 50 tokens
  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
    it seems that this bundle is a mockery to the players, esp, to the veteran players. it also shows how greedy the developers had become, selling meager tokens with ridiculous prices, and/or sell a radio bundle and test your luck and get 1/24 chances on your desired token, or use it to a "higher chance" and still get horrible outcomes. i'm just stating the facts, hopefully, just hopefully, NG developers, never mind, it will just go to the no box ticket, like complaining to the support desk and get the same responds every time regardless of what the problem is, it always contained, "sorry... we will let the developers know so we can make the game better." and my favorite, "no refunds." might as well sell rufus tokens for $50.
  • PTRPTR Member Posts: 66
    More pay. Less fun :(
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442
    What the frog!? There's Rufus tokens?!
    ........ I'm sold!
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,437
    I would love to see some competitive pricing. I'd totally be ok with let's say 50 hero tokens for $9.99 but damn $34.99 per bundle geez not everyone is that eager to spend cash like that for only 50 tokens. I like the idea I just would love more bang for your buck. Be reasonable @Teeceezy I know a business has to make a profit and I pledge I'd spend $50-$100 a month on hero tokens alone.
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