The hero calls are ridiculous, I can't stand it.



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    @trax just cuz I don't want to use, see or bother with heroes. Of course the two that I accidentally unlocked are my least favorite. I'd consider unlocking Dwight because he's one of my favorite characters on the show... and Rosita cuz she's hot. And I do use Maggie for almost every mission so it's not like I'm completely against them. I just don't like them jammed down my throat.

    Dwight is my outpost stalwart. He doesn't move from Outpost due to his leader trait.
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    @hiplnsdrftr I had the same thing but over time I've accidentally opened them fyi dwight is useful.
    How do you deal with the constant message telling you to unlock ezekiel?
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    @hiplnsdrftr lol you are more crazy than @Guapo :D
    Never thought to try another game lol ?? ...but also that's like playing SimCity but without building residential zone ... :#
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    @JackBauer I don't want to spend $40 on 50 tokens lol..if it was $20 I'd consider it..but I like where they're heading at least hahahaha
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    tabernac said:

    @Trax My guess would be that he's trying to stay underneath the 21 level survivors threshold in order to get the lower starting RSL in challenges...

    @Trax no thats not it, I just don't like most of the heroes.

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