Killing a hero

I'm curious to find out what will happen... you have the option to kill a survivor if you choose to flee a mission while that Survivor is in a struggle.... let's say we put Rufus in this situation and choose to flee. You know, pull a classic Otis on his ass. As it took no tokens to unlock him will the game let me do this? And if I do kill this hero in this deliberate and intentional manner, will the game be smart enough to know never to give me those tokens again?


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    The game isn't that smart either you can't stop hero token dilution and really token dilution.
  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    It's not a Deadly Mission. Just a mission there's a difference if you're in a bad spot and you're going to flee but one of your survivors is a struggle you can't just flee it tells you to leave this Survivor behind and you have to confirm your decision.
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    You're right I just spent the money bought a new slot put the crappy Survivor in there left them behind but yet he still in my camp
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    There are no more missions that end in your characters being permanently dead. None.

    No matter what the game says, they are only going to the hospital.
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    Throw your phone into a tree chipper. That ought to take care of it.

    There's no coming back from that.
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