Overrun Compound - Inside and Out - Three stars

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Video for level 17 challenge vs Level 17 survivors.
Tips for novices / intermediate players to get 3 stars

Guild: EvilDeadRampage


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    Yep, I used something like this too! But instead of 2 hunters I took 2 warriors and an assault :)
    The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
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    Admire your enthusiasm and the work you put in
    But you are your worst enemy /no matter if f2p or paying/
    Obviously you're slacking your research
    Speaking from personal experience :# /was level 39 with my first 17 who I rescued from last story mission chapter while 15 with just 2 16 survs and some hours​ away from training ground update for 17/
    - Rushing through levels hinders your​ progress on an unbelievable scale
    - camp level hero level /for 17 need 46 to 48 to get the good stuff from crates/
    - I spend the total amount of your tg from 3 to 7 days depending on time and gas drop and the 12.5k equipment that I highly suggest you spend on or you won't get any except from 16 17 18 challenge rounds /attention RNG!/ /all my resources are fluid/
    - have 11 leg surv and I've promoted 9 of them from Green and blue
    - equipment leg or blue /it makes my eyes pop ;) /
    - ....
    - ...
    - get my point ;)

    If not some pics:
    500 tg crate and yes it's unbelievable luck but with the level of your camp you don't even have a chance

    Best challenge ever / obviously not talking about the reward :D /

    Equipment /green upgraded was a calculated decision cuz had nothing else due levels not corresponding/

    Crappy but nothing else

    Interrupt is a trait I value much but it's not much help after +3 RSL

    Hope to spike your curiosity for research

    If not I'm sure @Squall can provide even more substantial evidence o:)
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    I'm not sure what do you mean with substantial evidence.

    My Base Player at lv 50, so actually if i only focus on leveling my survivor, i could go up at lvl 19 survivor by now. But i'm not a rush player type, so my highest survivor only 2 at lv 18 the rest still lv 17.

    I choose to lvl up my buiding to get higher Base Player then the chance to get weapon above my lvl also increase. With collecting enough gear lvl 18, 19, 20, even 21, i could pick up which gear i want to upgrade first then lvl up my survivor after that.

    For challenge normally i stop at RSL+3, don't care much if i got full 3 stars or not. But usually i got 3 stars till RSL +3.3 and if i got bruise all the time, so it's time for gear scavenge/outpost raid.

    PS: sorry no pic, too lazy to capture all my inventory :#
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    @THCross Not sure why my comment appears to be deleted or erased. But I don't really agree with a lot of what you said in your comments. But eh.. oh well.
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    Exactly what I mean ;)
    Was a rush player till maintenance :# ... I was lost but I found a family to find me o:) and expand my horizons
    Now I'm chillingly upgrading my farming and storage reorganizing my sheeps ect :D
    I've seen glimpses of your roster and ... jealous >:) /no need for inventory pic ... I can imagine :# /
    PS what is your RSL with 2 18 /have the building for over a week but still haven't decided on who and when I'm in no rush cuz still have much to do/

    You can pm me if you like /I'm a curious cat/
    Promise if something is offensive to me to pm back ;) what it is :) communication is key
    PS self helped myself to English and started writing month ago /family helped a lot/ so keep that in mind I'm confident in my understanding when I visually listen everything else is speculation :D
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