Weapons/Armor .. initial level and number of stars.

How important is the number of stars on a newly aquired weapon or armor. I've been sending my guys out with lesser valued weapons that I've upgraded while waiting to upgrade the new weapons/armor.
Is that the best strategy ? What do the stars mean ?


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    As a basic requirement, there is no point upgrading any weapons 3 stars & below.
    The number of stars align with the grade, for example 5 stars = legendary.
    For 4 or 5 stars gear, Gold (luck / dodge / wide arc / interrupt) are currently the best traits.
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    3 stars are ok.. more star, the better. but also consider the level. higher level gives better damage or hp.. if you got a lot of 3 stars and up, that's when you have to consider the traits.
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    @bring_um_on_1000 It depends. Basically consider only 4-5 * gear to updrade, because upgrading in higher level is so expensive and slow that u really have to make choices .As @Steeboon said, there are crucial traits in weapons and jackets and it is always depending the features and their strengthnesses in single weapon / jacket.

    But I haven't got for example to hunters enough 4-5 * weapons and jackets, so I priorize 3* weapons with wide.

    I suggest that think ur playing style which weapon ja jacket features serve ur playing style. Some players like scouts and shooters, I like AOE classes (hunter/assault/warrior) and so on. So I personally priorize AOE features in weapons, cones, wide, angles etc.
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    How do you know, wide, cones etc. for weapons?
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    repete said:

    How do you know, wide, cones etc. for weapons?

    There's a base and the weapon traits that add bonuses for assault and warrior. Check out the wikia.

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    Also this


    To help you decide witch one to upgrade.
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    TY nice tipp

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