Guild Recruitment Changes Hurting Smaller Guilds ?

KajiKaji Member Posts: 56
I think the recent guild recruitment changes have made it more difficult for small, independent guilds to recruit. It used to be that my 100 gold ad brought in 20+ candidates every time. For the last few weeks, I've only gotten 3-5 requests during an ad's active period and all of them are woefully low-level. The changes may have benefited the larger, multi-guild organizations, but I think it's choking off the independents. Anyone having a similar experience?


  • BAR81BAR81 Member Posts: 9
    Yes, I'm seeing the same thing in the guild I belong to. We're currently debating whether to proceed as we are and continue to try to recruit players that will contribute, even if they're lower level players, join a multi-guild family/organization or simply disband and all go our separate ways. It's a little frustrating. We don't put a lot of demands or requirements on people. We simply want all members to contribute to the best of their ability.
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
    @BAR81 my guild is the exact same way. We have also had to add some lower level players lately just to try and fill the guild. We have had to boot quite a few players over the last month or so because they haven't been contributing. It's very hard to find people that actually get like 500+ stars and are also looking for a guild to join.
  • BAR81BAR81 Member Posts: 9
    @ekimhclew It makes for a lot of frustration for a game. I'm not even the leader of my guild but I am a leader because no one else seems to want to do anything or don't care. I want to make our little independent guild work but if it doesn't turn around in the relatively near future, I'm going to leave and join another guild. I've posted in the recruitment section and haven't gotten a single request to join yet. All of the requests we've received the last couple of weeks have been because the leader advertised with the 100 in gold. So we got several lower level players, a handful who have been good, played consistently and have been leveling up. The rest just wanted the 100 gold and any free rewards they could get. We've booted a lot of players because of that. I guess I take a bit of comfort in knowing that it's not just our guild. Hope recruitment & player contribution improves for both of our guilds. :smile:
  • ekimhclewekimhclew Member Posts: 779
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    @BAR81 Well, like I said, we are looking for some good, devoted players if you are interested in joining. I'll send you a pm
  • KajiKaji Member Posts: 56
    @BAR81 @ekimhclew my guild -- Team X -- declined to join a conglomerate recently, but maybe we can help each other. Our team target is 8,000+ and our individual minimum is 300 which you can't miss twice in a row. We also have no other requirements. How are your guilds set?
  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    I feel some sympathy for you but not much in fact none at all. I also at one time started to Guild sure why not. I advertised for 5 days in a row because I got no recruits so you're getting 20 recruits regularly. Tells me that you weren't a good leader because you had to flush the toilet more than once. Set lower standards for your guild. Buy them gifts. Talk to them asking where they're from. You know be a leader someone people want to follow. Boo hoo my feelings are hurt I'm gonna blame the game.
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