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I know that we only get so many vids every 5 hours. So my question is, if I skip watching the ad does it count towards the 5 (or whatever the number it is). Let's say I have no gold or silver crates and don't want to use one right then. Do I still have five or is it just 5 opportunities to watch video?


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    Yet, that is the way it was for a very long time. Until NG brought the ad management in house, it was always 4 in 6hrs. When NG brought it in house we got spoiled as it was actually not working as intended, and we got more that we were supposed to. Now, since we are used to getting more, some feel they are owed this now.
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    jbuoy said:

    Until NG brought the ad management in house, it was always 4 in 6hrs. was like that after they changed it too...for a long time.
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    actually, @jbuoy , I'm pretty sure that Shteevie or someone confirmed that the 1 hour refresh was how it was supposed to be at the time, so it was working correctly. It's just that they had to switch back to the previous 6 hour refresh time, for reasons they cannot disclose.

    And yes, I wish it was still 1 hour, and lament the reduction in resources that I had gotten used to, but I don't think I'm throwing a tantrum or demanding that NG return it. If anything, it's more of a whine ;) But like I said in another thread on this topic, I'll stop crying now.
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    @DoTak if that is the case, then I stand corrected, and have no problem admitting I was wrong. While there are legitimate complaints about some game mechanics, ie the lvl 21 survivors/gear scaling, it seems lately that there are an ever increasing number of threads devoted to " I don't get everything I want, I don't get good stuff, everything cost too much in imaginary game currency, etc." It has become tiresome to see so many threads like this. And multiples on the same issue.

    Just me venting a little. I'll get off my soap box now
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    Yeah, I know what ya mean @jbuoy

    have a good one :)
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    What? Why are we just sitting around doing nothing? We need to complain our asses off to NG. When Phil Spencer of xbox announced that the xbox one would have some strict DRM and a mandatory internet log in through the machine every 24 hrs. I was one of the thousands who said; F you, i'm buying a ps4. Few days later, an official statement was made, that those restrictions would no longer be apart of console. We won. Viva la revolution.

    Sorry I don't have photoshop =/
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    So, I'm still a fairly new player, been playing for a month or so now. When I noticed the ads were all but removed from after missions, I sent in-game feedback and got some response about my area dictates how many ads I get and if I have the game installed I won't get the ad. Then I got a response that the ads per time frame were indeed lowered.

    It was commented above that they "had" to change the ad frequency, why? I play other games that ALWAYS offer to watch an ad for some form of game related content. Why then, is NML not allowed to always show the ads?

    When I first started playing, I thought 66% of the crates was a fair deal while having the chance to burn some gold to open the other 3 if you really wanted that missing gold chest. Now that it's basically 33% of the crates and 50% less than before, I think there should be an alternative option. I'd be willing to spend a few $ to "unlock" the other 3 all the time vs showing any ads and just keep the 25 gold to open the remaining 3 chests. I don't know the revenue generated from me watching 4 ads every 6 hours at most, but, I'm willing to bet it's not a few $, especially when you factor in I'll never buy the $1.99 24 hour gas at the current 3/9 chests after missions.

    From the beginning of me playing to now, the game is losing interest vs gaining and that's unfortunate. New players are bombarded with radios from missions then only having a 33% chance of whatever % the radio drop rate is. Looking forward at upgrading survivors with hundreds of tokens per ability, it's unappealing.

    I do hope something is changed to increase the x/9 chests after missions and I don't feel like it's whining to complain about it.
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    Great news @Teeceezy :)
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    Someone pinch me. Actually, no. Don't
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149's a first buff to the game ever since ages....what a surprise. Loll
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    Teeceezy said:

    Hey guys. The ad refresh rate has been modified to be what it was before the change. :) Enjoy the weekend!

    Is that a permanent change or just for the weekend?
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    Really? That's awesome!
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    @Governator it's the calm before the storm
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    Teeceezy said:

    Hey guys. The ad refresh rate has been modified to be what it was before the change. :) Enjoy the weekend!

    Is that a permanent change or just for the weekend?
    Let's hope permanent. I'd still be willing to throw a few $ to "unlock" the 3 extra chests and not get ads after missions, just at the tower. ijs hint, hint

    I'll be doing a 24hr gas day next week if this is indeed permanent.
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    Anyone still have the Supplies trade options after today's restock or did it disappear? Wondering if it was just for the weekend. I still have several hours left on my restock timer.
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    @Governator the exchange option is gone.
    I had my refresh 10 min ago.
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    Some much welcomed good news from the Finnish mothership!
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