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Im considering if I should trash some of my survivors and use their tokens to upgrade other. Can you guys give me your opinions in wich survivors are keepers and wich should be kicked?
Thanks in advance


  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 805

    Assaults: Neither have Marksman, so I wouldn't promote them further
    Scouts: They don't have the Melee "Holy Trinity" of Strong, Retaliate, and Dodge so I wouldn't promote them
    Warriors: Kenny is a definite winner. Kevin doesn't have Retaliate
    Bruisers: Stu is a winner. The others don't have Retaliate, so I wouldn't promote them further
    Hunters: I like Ruby with Sure Shot and Marksman, but I like Mauricio slightly more because I think Vigilant is a underrated trait for Hunters.
    Shooters: Bill and Kimberly are winners. No Sure Shot on Cynthia so I wouldn't promote her further

    I'm not saying trash anyone. If they are providing value, keep them around and look for better options, I just wouldn't promote them.
  • sligoemsligoem Member Posts: 330
    OMG @chisp has STU! :smile:
  • ChispChisp Member Posts: 45
    @tabernac thanks, Im considering trashing some because I don't use them all anyways, and with all these heroes there are no shortage for most classes
    I appreciate the advice on my roster

    @sligoem Lol, yeah. He showed up asking for asilum on my camp. But shhh, it is a secret
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