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Hey next TARD games can you please fix the bug issues with the hero charge abilities!!!!! they have NOT been working properly for over a month now, I've contacted you guys through messages but you morons do not an answer ........

do you know how to fix it????????????


  • darthendodarthendo Member Posts: 14
    The sad part is I rely on the hero charge abilities to do most my Raids, It gets super annoying when you run 3 raids and they work... but then you run a few more and your charge bilities don't work!!!!!!
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    Wow! I don't have any words of wisdom on how to fix charge abilities ( mine are working just fine) but I do know you get farther in help being offered when 1. You tag the people that can help and/or direct you to help 2. use just a smidge of kind words 3. Can communicate what the issue is
  • darthendodarthendo Member Posts: 14
    Trust me when I tell you my previous multiple messages next games were a lot nicer, but after falling on deaf ears time time again tend to get a little frustrated...lmao
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    You could be clearer about what alleged bug you are dealing with. Which heroes? In what circumstances? Etc.
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    darthendo said:

    Hey next TARD games ...

    Not cool at all. But I legit laughed at this. This is creative genius.

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