What is the maximum of items you can hold?

In Wiki:
Note: You can have a maximum of 140 items (weapon & armor) in your inventory, the game will auto scrap items exceeding this limit. You have to manually count them, there is no display for this in the game.

I have actually 174 items


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    is it possible you got 17 survivers? maybe equiped items don't count towards inventory
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    ive been on the bad end of this...

    soon as you hit 141, the game will AUTO scrap items items to tke you down to 120 again. (at least that is what it ids designed for, not sure how you got 170, but i wouldnt risk it ;-)

    obviously looking at 1 and 2 star stuff first, and ignoring wepons currently assigned in scrapping process.

    There were some bugs in last release as i had a lev 16 rare rifle scrapped (13 upgraded to 16) which wasnt in use as only used it when i wanted to interupt (certain maps).

    and that gpt scraped in stead of some level 16 uncommon or level 15 rare.

    Support think maybe related to the bulk scrap feature now released.

    i really hope they add a counter soon, however best way of managing is, try keep each class of survivor to 19 or less peices of equipment, that should give you some capacity, and 19 is easy enough count quickly. (technically your aloud 20 on each, but you want a little bit lee way ;-) dont think youll ever need to hold more than 19 peices of equipment per survivor class.

    scrap the rest and use the xp for upgrades ;-)

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  • @drinky

    A counter would be very nice indeed. Especially since they threw in so many counters in the last update :D
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    ha ha yes good point ;-)
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    Mod ??? @TK-421 @Teeceezy

    Did the max item have been increased above 140?

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    I had 174 items till now, I scrap above 50 Items before it auto scraped. I have 17 Slots with 16 Surviver.

    What say the Mods? @TK-421 @Teeceezy
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