Roster advice, upgrade to pink.

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So, i have come to a point where i can upgrade survivors to pink but i am not sure of the traits. I have seen that most people do not upgrade their survivors to pink according to the because that order of importance is mostly up to RSL23. But, i am not sure about what the best traits are when you get to higher level. Right now, with the survivors i have i complete RSL 23 guild missions. I dont have the gear at the moment for higher level, but the gear traits are more clear to me for higher level.
So, i am asking you what traits you want for each class to upgrade to pink? I can understand that is heavely dependant, in my case for example i would prefer for overwatch shooter and scout. An all around opinion would be very helpful. Thank you in advance, happy hunting :)

P.s. : My current survivors


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    This is a good, recent thread that breaks a lot down. Sounds like it may be along the lines of what you're looking for:
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    I have read that post but it didnt clarify things much for me atleast. I have seen that people upgrade survivors with defensive stance and no dodge due to diminishing returns for example.
    Another example is my shooter which i thought was bad luck that i got defensive stance as 5th trait but i have seen pink survivors with the same traits.
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    My two cents:

    Hunters: I would only consider promoting Hunters/Shooters with Marksman and Sure Shot. Frank doesn't have Marksman, which at level 4 (default Legendary level) gives you 12% more damage. At level 5 that percentage jumps to 15%. Way too much of a bonus to leave on the table.

    Shooters: Dennis is a keeper! Law doesn't have Sure Shot, so him not so much.

    Bruisers: Jamie is a star. She's got great traits. For me, Melee survivors must have Retaliate, Strong, and Dodge. Tim doesn't have Strong so he'd be out for me. It's the Melee equivalent of Marksman. 12% more damage is too much to leave on the table. Ronnie would be great if Strong was unlocked as the 5th trait, but that is too big of a gamble for me to invest in.

    Warriors: Jeremy doesn't have Strong, but he's a really serviceable survivor. I wouldn't sink tokens into him, but I would still use him regularly until someone better comes along. Jerome would be good if Dodge was his 5th trait, but too much of a gamble for me.

    Scouts: Debbie is a winner. The other two IMO aren't.

    Assaults: If Leo unlocked Sure Shot for his 5th trait, he'd be outstanding. Too much of a risk to unlock it though because it would probably end in disappointment. Roy is a tough call for me. I have an Assault with very similar traits (Bullet Dodge, but no Dodge) and in higher level challenges in which taking a hit or two is inevitable, she gets markedly more critical hits against her as opposed to another Assault that I have at the same level with Dodge.

    The Dodge trait does get diminished as you move up to Zeds that are at higher levels than your survivors. The thing you have to remember is that Dodge still mitigates the damage that you take. For example if you're facing a high level Zed and get hit, with Dodge you have a higher percent chance of not taking a Critical. Without Dodge the hit is almost always going to be a Critical. I think it's an imperative trait even at higher levels.

    You mentioned that you'd like an Overwatch Shooter. One trait that would be essential to this build (in addition to Marksman and Sure Shot) would be Vigilant. Something to keep in mind.


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    @tabernac Thank you for your reply.
    First of all the survivors I have are limited so lots of them are in the squad just because i havent find anything better. Also, i have the tokens to promote to pink one of every class i think but it will be a while since i can promote another, so i dont wanna spend all the tokens i have gathered since the start on something that isnt great, or atleast very good.

    Hunters/shooters: Both Frank(hunter) and Law(shooter) are the only ones i have find with decent traits for freemen. I guess double dodge and marksman/sureshot/lucky are the best and you get iron skin from gear.
    You think I should upgrade Dennis to pink?

    Bruisers: I wasnt sure about the bruisers having strength since its less dmg upgrade compared to other melee but lately i found out that i could use the dmg since they already have enough defensive ability.

    Warriors: I like a lot Jerome's power strike. I think that my ideal would be with Strong instead of Iron Skin.

    Scouts: I like Debbie too, i am leveling her now. Does she worth upgrading to pink tho or should i wait for same traits with iron skin or power strike instead of bullet dodge?

    Assaults: I agree with you, thats why i havent leveled them. Already spend lots of tokens on failed Assaults.

    I had no idea about dodge reducing critical chance. Great tip.

    What are your thoughts on warrior/scout traits? If the ideal is Strong/lucky/dodge/retaliate which 5th trait would you choose? Playing Jerome i found out Power Strike being very helpful.
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