Changes to End-Game Stats: Discussion Thread



  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    Can we get the real numbers like hey guys we increase hunter health by 5% and damage by 7% but assault got 7% more health and 5% more damage. The number one game in the world gives out numbers when they make balance changes.
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    Just tested rick's pistol. No problem taking out lv 26 walkers. It struggles with lv 27 however with charged ability it can kill lv 28

    Probably making a video!

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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565

    Just tested rick's pistol. No problem taking out lv 26 walkers. It struggles with lv 27 however with charged ability it can kill lv 28

    Right. But don't forget the hunter bonus event.
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    gespuer said:

    Right. But don't forget the hunter bonus event.

  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 39
    Riggs said:

    @Teeceezy sorry i am also disappointed. There us no need to let people start at different level. If everybody starts at the same level anf is willing to perform well in challenges they will upgrade. Also the ridiculous difference repeating level 19 and 20. you loose about 100 stars ! what about better rewards for higher stars? This leads to frustration. The game will go the same way like the chart of your stock

    Yep, the loss of stars because of changed start levels has me chasing stars I passed a couple months ago.
    There's really no excuse for still penalizing players for upgrading!
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 39
    Surely it would be more fair to not change start levels each time you upgrade.
    If that was reduced to maybe 2 changed start levels (i.e. @lvl10, and again @lvl18) players would have more incentive to upgrade without making high lvl players drudge through the really low lvls.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,712
    JayZ said:

    Guys, before we raise our pitchforks about the walker damage buffs, we should wait and see what the actual percentages are.

    In the past, walker damage only increased 16% every level (see my very long analysis thread from a couple of months ago). If our gear is increasing at 19% every level now (presumably, still need to verify), it would not be unreasonable for walker attack damage to increase at a comparable rate.

    Let's wait and see what the numbers show first...

    Why disagree with this @gcheong85?
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  • WarlordWarlord Member Posts: 165
    Sorry, don't agree with those that don't like RSL changing as you rank up. Think about it from a new player that starts today, if there was no mechanism for them to change starting levels, they would be stuck forever at the lowest level. If NG added 10 more levels to survivors; I think those of us at 20 & 21 would see it differently as some in the guild would slowly rank up while others would race to the top and then those at 31 start complaining about grinding through level 15 and 16 all over again. You can't have both in the current game unless NG takes a radical approach and let's the guild leader decide what start level to start on for the whole guild which introduces a whole different set of issues.

    However, the mechanism in which determines that change is broke (should be average of all survivors/heroes at a minimum to give us time to get higher level gear and an A and B team leveled up). In addition; it did break the natural competition within guilds for stars achieved where we have an apples to oranges comparison instead of apples to apples even though in reality, for those guilds that had players at different levels; that issue existed already to a degree. No easy solution for that one without putting us back to grinding through all the levels again but, using avg of survivors would help bring the apples and oranges closer together since you would have a better chance of replacing all of the stars lost when your start level goes up as opposed to the abrupt one as it is now.
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    @JayZ 'it would not be unreasonable for walker damage to increase'
    Have you ever thought of people who do not have 6 star and above survivors to face the buff? Just because you have godly survivors does not mean it's okay to raise the damage of the walkers while it's supposed to have the usual lvl 21 gear damage increase rather than we call it a buff from NG. While NG call it a buff for level 21 gears, it gives a valid reason for him to increase the walker damage thus this is why i don't agree to your statement.
  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    I honestly am not noticing a bit of diffrence with these "changes", if they are there they have had a negligible impact in the game and dont succeed in terms of what the announcement proposed.
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    Well i am finishing round 25.3 soon. Seems a bit better but withth hunter bonus active i a not sure about potential improvement...
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 568
    NG, is slowly sucking the fun out of this game with all the unnecessary tweaking they keep doing, and call it rebalancing!
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 5,168
    Yep, I gave it a real hard to this time around with my level 21 team and didn't come anywhere near my personal best with my level 20 team back before the updates, even though I made it a bit into RSL27. Ah well...

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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565

    Perhaps it can be fixed by clearing the good old cache?

    Yeah! And if that doesn't help just close the app and restart the game....
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Or just wait for STU to come back. Maybe by then it will be fixed.
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 39

    Yep, I gave it a real hard to this time around with my level 21 team and didn't come anywhere near my personal best with my level 20 team back before the updates, even though I made it a bit into RSL27. Ah well...

    Yep... last challenge was my best in weeks. Still 60 stars behind my personal best before the update with my lvl20 crew.

    Surely NG see's this is a problem!
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Thanks for your kind words @Debbo34! :)
  • axl144axl144 Member Posts: 61
    I didn't see any improvement. It seems more like a downgrade because some 21 survivors are less effective than before. Another disappointing 'impovement' of the game... :(
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