Stay safe in Manchester.

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Edited because there's more important things in the world.


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    But @jester Man U are evil!

    How shall I put it.. they are Dallas Cowboys.
    I'm lost.

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    I'm a Chelsea fan. He still has a bit of gleam on him from his time there.
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    The Special One cut his playing time in half before trading him.
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    Man U may be evil but the city didn't deserve that :(
    I'm lost.

    Check out the DMZ guild. We're recruiting. Here.
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    stay safe <3

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    Hey @jester ...that's serious thing, but not fair to change main entry , now seems that i'm jocking about serious things :(
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    Sorry about that. I didn't want a silly thread about Man U to be seen as conflicting with the serious events going on there. Feel free to change or delete your comments.
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