When Rick

When do you use Ricks hero trait? How do you know before playing a map whether or not there is an ally?

Not meaning to sound cynical, but I have never used his hero trait & he seems to be a waste of Xp's upgrading?

Does anybody else know something about when you can use Ricks Hero Traits?


  • David_H79David_H79 Moderator Posts: 1,866
    You use three survivors.
    They are all allies.
    I think that's the way it's meant.
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    I think this has been misunderstood.

    I think what the real questions are:

    When do people use Rick? What Maps? What Scenario's? Does It Benefit more if certain teams\Combo's are in use?

    I'd be interested to know myself.

    I also agree that the useless Hero's are the last to be upgraded. Hence why Dufus\Rick\Morgan are last on my upgrade list, and whilst we can ditch useless survivors, why we can't ditch hero's who never get used? i don't know.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 741
    @carlos1981 Don't ditch Rufus! He can be incredibly useful at times in challenges.
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    @tabernac - I hear that a lot, but I'd seriously love to see that, or to get general advice on that.

    See for me, he's a weak Assault, so at Higher RSL, he can't do enough Damage, so he never gets kills, therefore charging points, and the other team members have to carry him. When threat counter is Zero, I get the other 2 charged, he's still waiting... = Just too weak to be of use

    I'll fully admit, I'm probably using him wrong, but that's how I see his use.

    I'd genuinely love to see a non-maxed player demonstrate his use. Most vids I've seen are lvl20/21 guys with great gear!

    Bear in mind, I'm player lvl52. Lvl18 guys, I don't have as much maxed kit (I'm building that up, not upgrading team till I have more kit, upgrading lots of kit on the way).

    Higher RSL, I use Abe to boost Ranged.
  • tabernactabernac Member Posts: 741

    Well, I can only give the perspective of lvl20 survivors with good gear... But that being said, you'll be there someday and you'll be glad you didn't ditch him! He's far from being a killing machine if he's by himself. Unless you get incredibly lucky with radio drops you're always going to be carrying him to a degree. His trait is great because it enhances your other 2 survivors (who are hopefully killing machines). Plus you can always count on his trait in terms of there isn't any % chance of it activating. Your other survivors get a Health Boost from him regardless of their class automatically, and a charge point automatically when the threat counter reaches zero like clockwork. I'd love to be able to get him to Legendary and unlock his D Stance. He has Iron Skin as his 4th trait so that combined with D Stance will make him much more resilient and less of a burden to be carried around and babied.
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