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Hey @OldGoth and @TK-421 You only offer 1 class bundle (eg. Marksman Bundle) at a time to purchase in the shop. I bet you would sell a lot more if you offered every class bundle at the same time in the shop. I would buy a warrior class bundle right now to get a legendary warrior weapon but there's no way I'm buying through other class bundles to get to it. I'm sure others would buy bundles they desire if they saw them for sale in the shop. So in short, greater variety please!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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    very good suggestion. I may from time to time buy some, but with only increasing values of bundles it's going to stop at some point when I'm not willing to spent more in a one time purchase rather sooner than later.
    If smaller bundles were available to be bought repeatedly without going through the cycle I'd buy more probably.
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