Only 10 Abraham tokens.

Waltz46n2Waltz46n2 Member Posts: 25
I just tried two Abraham calls got 10 tokens twice. Thought the minimum was 16.


  • Waltz46n2Waltz46n2 Member Posts: 25
    Can't seem to post a screen shot of it either!
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,471
    Same here! So mad right now @Shteevie @Teeceezy
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346

    Same Here. Screenshots as above -

    @Shteevie @Teeceezy @zbot - This has happened a few times on a few calls. Not just on Abe's day. Any news?
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,471
    Communication is need on this one. Just hope when don't hang not knowing if it's fixed or no.
  • Waltz46n2Waltz46n2 Member Posts: 25
    Tried a 3rd time got 10 Glen .
  • carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
    @Waltz46n2 - It's just the Hero of the day that's supposed to be 16 - So Abe. Therefore all other heros' on today could come out at 10 tokens
  • THCrossTHCross Member Posts: 494
    edited May 2017
    @Teeceezy @zbot @Shteevie
    Send in game /only one pic/ massage
    Please don't tell me I have to send 4 total massages

    110 phone for a free player like me is a lot
    I know my luck socks so not the drop just want my 24 missing tokens
    Pretty please o:)

  • THCrossTHCross Member Posts: 494
    To not get lost in filter

    Thanks to all
    This is the fastest reaction ever /for me at least/
  • jimmydawisejimmydawise Member Posts: 69
    Anyone knows the turn around time from support? contacted them 40 mins ago... still no news... is it because I don't have screenshot?
  • wasteoftimewasteoftime Member Posts: 31
    I just spent 40 phones to get 10 tokens. It seems to me that the special call for Abe was never put properly in place they said extra chance to get tokens ...the few times I have use the special call in the past ( not during a " increased chance" day ) it took maybe three times to get a return. I ask you is Abe one of the top three heroes and will this call be one of the top three used. Come on guys get this fixed Ohhh it will be shortly great now where are my phones that I might use. .....gone most likely returned in a few days if at all
  • MatasicaMatasica Member Posts: 6
    edited May 2017
    Yesterday, i had 130 phones, and i got 5x10 Abraham and once I got 2x10 Abraham.
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