Freebies with update?



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    Back to topic: as an android user I got five hours of lifetime as a freebie when I had to wait for the update. Thanks NG ;)
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    Jazz said:

    Anyone know How much exactly is required to upgrade to council 15? When upgrading to council 14, it rounded off & said 1.2 I believe, when it was really like 1.26, anyone know the exact amount this time?

    I couldn't get it to upgrade until I'd hit 1.39 mil.
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    You know we have your back @Capleton . ;)
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    @johnnydives I actually posted that exact question in Strategy discussion. The general consensus was to always upgrade Training first.
    Then it was kind of a split opinion on the importance of upgrading weapons.

    Saving for my new training grounds right now.

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