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Need to know if these are good combos . This is my current setup and I've learned most of this thru listening to others on this forum . Anything that I can change or look for better traits ?


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    I generally don't upgrade any rifles without piercing. The piercing, lethal, and large caliber is a great combo. Accurate is good, and luck is good. I've got two rifles that are piercing, lethal, and large caliber, and tend to use those when I take 2 hunters on a run. I don't like silencer as a trait, since I'd rather have a more useful trait. Destructive can be good, but at higher RSL it's harder to activate when almost all of your attacks are body shots. Cheers.
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    There is always a debate about whether accurate is better than destructive or vice versa. I'm going to suggest that hunters, shooters and scouts, whose charged attacks guarantee criticals, can really take advantage of the destructive trait. This damage bonus is especially useful for hunters and shooters, since their charged criticals currently do less damage than non-charged criticals.

    You could even perhaps add bruisers to the list since a hit on a bruiser stunned enemy is always a critical. If the bruiser's follow up attack had destructive and power strike going for it, might be a powerful attack. At least, as powerful an attack as a bruiser can deliver, which isn't saying much.

    Just a thought..

    Edit: sorry, veered off topic
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    I agree with do talk I have a silver bore with gold piercing and destructive rifle and it's way better at high levels
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