Survivor Suggestions. Scrap/Promote?

Ken4343Ken4343 Member Posts: 21
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So basically, I have 2 options with the radio call I just pulled:

1. Scrap the epic assault
2. or scrap/keep the epic bruiser (pictured above). I have an another epic bruiser currently with the exact same traits except the dodges are different. I think it would be nice to have a walker-specific bruiser for missions, but what do you guys think?

I also am debating which assaults/shooters to keep/discard/attempt promoting?


  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    I would go for that epic bruiser, with whatever trait unlocked as 5th, she will be pretty fine. Perfect(IMO) with iron skin.
    Assaults are not really great. Frederick is keeper till you can replace him with better one(or better two), Andrea and Shawn are decent, but neither one can turn into perfect, so I would keep tokens for some better future pull. If I will have to decide which one to upgrade to get some help in tripple assault mission, I would go for Shawn.
    Shooters are basically the same. Rachel is keeper till you can replace her(marksman for def stance and she would be pretty decent), Virginia and Patrick can turn fine, but not great, so again, keep tokens for better. For dual/tripple shooter missions, Patrick is more versatile, but Virginia will endure more, so I´ll leave such decision on you, really cannot decide myself. Upgrading both might be solution, but XP are not growing on trees and for banking XP, equip is better.
  • Ken4343Ken4343 Member Posts: 21
    @Gladi are you saying that I should keep the epic bruiser I have with the bullet dodge, as well as with the one I just pulled? If I do, I need to pay an extra 400 gold for a new survivor slot.
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    @Ken4343 Depends how many bruisers you have. You can keep both, but then you have to buy that new slot or you can scrap one of your other survs. I personally keep 2 non hero bruisers, but usually using only one, but that depends on your playstyle. Dont know how many heroes you already unlocked, but IMO, you need at least 12 slots for non hero survs(2 of each class) plus some aditional for newcomers...
  • Ken4343Ken4343 Member Posts: 21
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    Update: I spent 400 gold for the extra slot to accept the epic bruiser, then promoted her to legendary to unlock dodge! I was hoping for a power strike or iron skin, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Can't wait to level her up so I can replace my current legendary bruiser that I use in my outpost (both dodges/strong/retaliate/vigilant). I definitely believe that having vigilant and retaliate on the same survivor is not a good combo, especially on a bruiser.
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