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The fuel mechanic, a psychological mind f**k you say! No, game designers would never do that! However, with just one third of smartphone/tablet users in the US buying an app of any kind this year, game makers are becoming smarter and shrewder (WSJ 2015). In addition, recognizing the trend that people want to avoid in your face adds and are more likely to spend money on one game contributes to such features as the title of this post. However, our beloved game's fuel mechanic I dare say is far too constraining. Rather than get people to watch adds or pay to play it is turning people off and most importantly, limiting the amount of time spent in-game. While it is a new game and an update is ready to pop, at this moment there is very little reason for people to spend more than a few minutes in the game after they reach a high level. I believe it needs to be addressed to give people more of a reason to open up the game and keep it open. What do you say?
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,226
    Actually, I think the gas mechanic works pretty well. I have a capacity for 17 gas cans and it costs me 5 cans to go on a mission. So I pop in every 3 hours and play 3-4 missions (depends on whether or not I get free gas cans as a reward). But the point is, it makes me come back to the game every 3 hours. I am constantly aware of not 'wasting' gas generation time. I don't want to hit my maximum and miss out on gas! So it's a good mechanic in that it forces me to check in on the game multiple times per day.
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    I also think the gas mechanic is fine. This game doesn't have enough material if gas was unlimited anyway. Part of the game is deciding what to use your gas on... Storyline, supply/xp/treasure run, or guild challenge...
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    And there you go. I guess people like it. Thanks for the responses guys!
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  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270
    Nah, I hate it. I wait 50 minutes to play 2 minutes of gameplay. Not even playing a game -.- I check the forums on my free time more than I sit in the game PLAYING... Mostly, it's just waiting.

    I'd suggest Lowering gas regeneration AND lowering prize chances or halving the gains in general. This adds more gameplay. Less wait, more play. In general, the amount of good items found are much more frequent than most games I've played that's typical to "energy" waiting (I'm glad that the game devs are generous), but I'd sacrifice that luxury so that I can play more (I mean... the battle system is PHENOMENAL!! The word "phenomenal" can't even explain how much of a genius the system is!). If not halving the gas gains, then add in a second source of gas to the game. So while we wait for the regular gas, we can then wait on something else also, say "energy/guild gas" to do guild missions only.

    TL:DR More gameplay, less waiting please.
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    @jureforjustice Nice. I hear ya, and agree totally. Your main point is spot on about the battle mechanics/system. It's quite a refreshing take on tactical, turn based games. That's exactly my style of gameplay; relaxed and strategic. I generally avoid games on the iPad where it's nonstop action and my hands and fingers are flying around like a psycho.

    You got me thinking with your suggestions for gas adjustments. Players don't want to fly through a game in a week and have nothing to do like we are right now. So, keeping in mind it's a new title with an update coming, it needs an alternative to the story line OR just a lot more story line with winding chapters that don't necessarily give rewards(loot) but provide something for the player to chase. Basically, just more depth and variety BECAUSE the battle system rocks and we want to keep playing haha!!!
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  • AndyBarrettAndyBarrett Member Posts: 12
    Gas is always limiting my game time so I'd love for a little adjustment here. I think the +2 for every camp upgrade is a little mean particularly as it costs mostly 5 units for each mission in the later stages. I just hope that when the next chapters unlock this requirement doesn't keep creeping up!
  • ElsissaElsissa Member Posts: 26
    Totally agree. More gas, or halving the gains.

    Maybe An idea to watch adds, Just for gas.
  • OverwatcherOverwatcher Member Posts: 49
    Not sure if you guys have noticed this, but the Cinema has a pretty decent chance of dropping gas. So whenever you're out and want to continue, your best bet is to go there. It's not a 100% guarantee you'll get enough to go on a high level mission, but it's pretty likely.
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    @Overwatcher I watched Arnold so many times in those adds I hate his face now lol
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  • OwlkapwnOwlkapwn Member Posts: 168
    Edit: plus they adjusted the gas drop for watching adds
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