Are real money weapons really worth it?

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Obviously some are and I would definitely spend the money! Not just because I can and the fact I want to maximize, but I also like to pay for a game that brings me so much joy in a daily basis.

But, real money weapons did not level up after the last big update. So what is the point? Seems a waste of my money if it's only could until the next update.

Are there any assurences this will change, or should I stay to free play forever?


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    That's a tough question...42.
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    I too recognize games cost money and factor in that AMC, the actors (residuals for using their likenesses), and others are taking some more off the top as this is based on another's IP, it cost even more for this one.

    When buying items I look at a couple of things: value and longevity along with how it fits in with playing that game.

    Right now, for this game, the only item that has made any sense to me to buy is the bundles that give you a weapon and full supplies. The few dollars to not have to scrounge for full supplies is well worth the reduction in hours and they go into my camp which doesn't become obsolete (except the memorial which was cheap to build).

    I can't play enough to make gas worthwhile. The gear I won't touch due to obsolescence at the whim of NG's update schedule which they don't communicate. Now, if I could upgrade gear three additional levels AND NG would give us some idea on camp upgrade calendar, I would be much more inclined to buy gear.

    But to each their own. For some, they see value in having it, even for the short term and we should thank those that do as they help keep the revenue flowing so this game stays up and running.
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