NG even dictate us in forum

My thread has been deleted while discussing on the moving forward from TWD experience. I guess this is how NG dictates us even in the forum and same goes with the game.


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    Poor fanboys man! Can't take the heat from the flaming walkers :p
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    Yet other threads about people leaving the game are allowed to remain!!!

    Surely the difference has nothing to do with promoting specific games as alternatives or singling out posters for personal insults... btw, I didn't report you or your thread.
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    I thought it was quite comical to be honest. Definitely more entertaining then dim forest! :D
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    Also why are we so casual? Aren't we arch enemies!?
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    @gcheong85 Your thread broke a plethora of different rules and I find it very disingenous of you to post this thread. If you'd like for me to spell it out, PM me. Closed.
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